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The Centre was first established in 2013 as a joint initiative of Fudan University and the University of Copenhagen. Up to 2021 FECCS was based at the Nordic Institute of Asia Studies (NIAS).

During this period, the Centre has contributed to a deeper knowledge engagement on China-related studies through thematic research networks and dialogue activities.

Building on 25 years of collaboration

In May 2021, the Centre relocated to Norway as the next four-year period is initiated and funded by Fudan University and the University of Oslo. The Centre opened with an international seminar on May 18. In Oslo, FECCS builds on 25 years of collaborations between Fudan University and University of Oslo, including in the Fudan Nordic Centre which UiO scholars helped initiate, and which has developed into an important Nordic-China academic hub.

Centre objective

The Centre serves as a bridge and platform for the promotion of academic collaboration between China and Europe in the field of China studies. Specifically, the Centre aims to promote collaboration between Fudan University (FU) and European Universities. 

The Centre defines “China studies” in the broadest possible way to include research and academic activities that involve scholars in China and/or topics relevant for China.

Strengthen research collaboration

Based at the University of Oslo (UiO), the Centre facilitates new and existing joint research projects involving scholars at FU and UiO.

The Centre uses existing university networks in Asia and Europe to further strengthen China-Europe collaborations. The collaborations will focus on research, research-based communication in society, and post-graduate student exchange.

    Organisation and management

    At Fudan University, the Centre is affiliated with Fudan Development Institute (FDDI). At the University of Oslo, the Centre is hosted by the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the Faculty of Humanities. At both Universities, the Centre reaches into all relevant academic units and collaborates with relevant research environments.

    The centre is led by:

    • Director Rune Svarverud, Head of Department at IKOS
    • Executive Vice-Director Chunrong Liu, appointed by Fudan University.

    Academic and managerial committee

    The academic activities and fiscal planning is guided by a committee of eight members. Four members are appointed by Fudan University and four members by UiO.

    The committee is co-chaired by Fudan Vice President Prof. Chen Zhimin and UiO Vice-Rector Prof. Mette Halskov Hansen, and includes the directors, representatives and leading scholars from both universities.


    The Centre is funded by Fudan University and the University of Oslo. Both universities contribute with funding for staff, activities, office space, researcher time, and infrastructure.

    In the future, both universities will seek financing of joint activities through the Centre from other available funding sources.