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Advancing research collaboration

The Centre initiates, coordinates and advances research collaboration between scholars and research groups at Fudan University, the University of Oslo, and other partners in fields of mutual interests.

The Centre also develops thematic areas and research projects to foster theory-informed and policy-relevant research of China and Europe in changing social, political and cultural contexts. The main focal points are:

  • Climate and the environment
  • Health
  • Governance
  • Transnational studies

Research activities

The Centre aims to be a platform for:

  • Research networking, academic exchange and joint publications between scholars and early-career scholars on projects relevant to Europe and China.
  • Sharing China-European research insights for a broader audience through topical seminars, workshops, and a summer school.
  • Expanded collaborations with other European and East Asian universities, based on Fudan University and University of Oslo’s existing networks.

The Centre facilitates research synergies within current topical areas including:

  • Various disciplines and topics within the social sciences and humanities
  • Sustainable development studies
  • Life sciences and natural sciences