The Formative Past and the Formation of the Future

Saphinaz-Amal Naguib, IKOS and Terje Stordalen, TF have edited a volume that takes part in the theoretical discussion on collective remembering.


The volume takes part in theoretical discussion on collective remembering by targeting specific theorems and exploring these in analyses of specific, historical source records. The essays in the volume reflect a rich underlying cross disciplinary discussion, which is certainly required for these complex phenomena. A recurring focus in the collection are instances of collec­tive remembering in religious traditions and settings. Such instances, it is argued, are often “memory savvy” and thus pro­vide interesting case studies. Finally, the volume attempts to understand the dynamics and interplay between past, present, and future in processes of collective remembering and identity formation.

Table of Content


Time, Media, Space: Perspectives on the Ecology of Collective Remembering

Terje Stordalen & Saphinaz-Amal Naguib  17


Remembering and Time

Impact and Resonance – Towards a Theory of Emotions in Cultural Memory

Aleida Assmann  41 

Transformative Pasts, Transformations of the Future, and the Question of the Present

Helge Jordheim  71

From Christian Eschatology to Modern Utopia: On the Exhaustion of Utopian Energy

Otto Krogseth  93


Remembering and Media

Tradition, Writing, and Canonisation: Structural Changes of Cultural Memory

Jan Assmann  115

Canon and Canonical Commentary: Comparative Perspectives on Canonical Ecologies

Terje Stordalen  133

Viewing the World through National Narratives: The Case of Russian Narrative Templates

James V. Wertsch  161

Remembering Jerusalem in Medieval Scandinavia

Kristin B. Aavitsland  175

The Legitimate Heir: The Translation of the Temple in Twelfth-Century Rome

Eivor Oftestad  197


Remembering and Space

The Articulation of Cultural Memory and Heritage in Plural Societies

Saphinaz-Amal Naguib  221

Non-Formative and Transformative Memories in the Constantinian Reconstruction of Jerusalem

Marina Prusac  247

The Lead Books of Granada: Hybridity and Cultural Memory

Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati  277



The Trail of Roses: Time, Media, and Space in Memory Practices in Oslo after 22 July 2011

Terje Stordalen  315


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