IKOS PhD seminar: Monograph or Article-based dissertation? Pros and cons.

To write a PhD means making a (hopefully) well-informed decision about the format: a monograph or a series of articles encompassed by a ‘kappa’. This is a decision the PhD-fellow and the supervisor should do together. After the decision is made, there is still lots to figure out.


The IKOS PhD program has the pleasure of inviting you to a discussion about dissertation formats, more precisely the traditional monograph and the up-and-coming article-based dissertation. We have put together a panel of people who have experiences with one or both of these formats, both from the PhD and the supervisor side. They will share their experiences and ideas and open up for a discussion in which you are all invited to take part, and which hopefully will throw light on the specific affordances and possible traps of both formats.

Guest lecturer:

Professor Espen Ytreberg

How do I sign up for the course:

By sending an e-mail to kari.andersen@ikos.uio.no within 28 Ocotober

ECTS points

You will get 1 ECTS point for attending the seminar.

Published July 2, 2021 1:43 PM - Last modified Oct. 31, 2021 5:58 PM