IKOS PhD seminar: New Directions: The Anthropocene – what is it good for?

For more than a decade, scholars across fields and disciplines have mobilized the concept of “the Anthropocene” as the framework for their studies, be it in history, culture studies, international relations, or environmental humanities. On the other hand, as of October 2020, neither the International Commission on Stratigraphy nor the International Union of Geological Sciences has officially approved the term as a recognised subdivision of geologic time.   

For this seminar, we have invited Professor Anders Ekström at Department of History of Science and Ideas at Uppsala University to discuss with us the uses and abuses of the Anthropocene inside and outside the academic world.

How do I sign up for the course:

Please send an email to kari.andersen@ikos.uio.no and specify whether you want to present something or not.

About the paper:

The final paper should be no longer than a minimum 5-pages, maximum 10 pages, with text reflecting on the theme of the seminar and how this plays out in your own research. The texts will be pre-circulated among the participants ahead of the seminar.

Deadline for paper: 22 April 2021

ECTS points

Generally, you will get 1 ECTS point for attending the seminar, 2 ECTS points for a presentation or a comment. 


0900-0930 Introductions 
0930-1015 Lecture by Anders Ekstrøm: Making Anthropocene Times
1015-1100 Discussion of lecture and readings
1100-1230 Paper presentations and discussions

There will be short breaks in-between.


Bonneuil & Fressoz, The Shock of the Anthropocene: The Earth, History, and Us (Verso, 2017), pp. xi-44. (accessible here: https://www.ias.edu/sites/default/files/sss/pdfs/Crisis-and-Critique-2018-19/bonneuil_anthropocene.pdf )

Sörlin, "Environmental Times, Synchronizing Human-Earth Temporalities from Annales to Anthropocene 1920s to 2020s", in Ekström & Bergwik, Times of History, Times of Nature: Temporalization and the Limits of Modern Knowledge (New York: Berghahn, forthcoming 2021)

In addition, if you are hungry for more, you can have a look at my lecture (Helge Jordheim): "When is the Anthropocene?" (accessible here: https://www.hf.uio.no/english/research/strategic-research-areas/oseh/news-and-events/events/lecture-series/welcome-to-the-anthropocene.html)

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