Holodeck launch event and workshop

CoFutures unveils its Holodeck, the Games and Interactive Media Research Lab, the first of its kind games research lab at the University of Oslo, at this exciting launch event.

Video game.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The two day event brings together a public programme in association with the Oslo School of Environmental Humanties (OSEH), and a closed workshop for invited participants.

Speakers and panellists

  • Alenda Cheng (UCSB, USA) / Keynote Speaker
  • Pawel Frelik (Warsaw, PL)
  • Darshana Jayemanne (Abertay, UK)
  • Sebastian Möring (Potsdam, GER)
  • Trista Patterson (GRID-Arendal, NO)
  • Joost Raessens (Utrecht, NL)
  • Ragnhild Solberg (Bergen, NO)


  • Hans Christian Arnseth (UiO)
  • Laura Op de Beke (UiO)
  • Kyrre T. Låberg (UiO)
  • Anders Morch (UiO)
  • Kenneth Silseth (UiO)


To be announced.


23rd April: Public event + 24th April: Closed workshop.


  • Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (Faculty of Humanities and IKOS)
  • Realfagsbiblioteket, Science Library


  • CoFUTURES: Pathways to Possible Presents (ERC Grant Agreement No. 852190)
  • Oslo School of Environmental Humanities
Published Mar. 9, 2020 2:37 PM - Last modified Mar. 9, 2020 2:37 PM