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Student committee of ILN

The Student committee of the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN) consists of students of the department and is elected in the beginning of every semester. Our task is to attend to students' academic and social interests, through events and meetings for students and by representing ILN students in communication with the Department.

Who are we?

In the academic year 2018–2019, the Student committee consists of:

Name Programme
Kit Bjørndal Norrøne og keltiske studier, bachelor
Sarah Cameron Lingvistikk, master 
Ida Keihl Olsen Nordisk språk, master
Ane Theimann Lingvistikk, master
Joakim Tjøstheim Nordisk litteratur, master
Henrik Torgersen

Lingvistikk, bachelor

Sindre Holmen Lingvistikk, master 
Aafke Diepeveen Lingvistikk, master 
Hera Fure Brandsæter Nordisk språk, litteratur og retorikk, bachelor
Marie Svardal Nordisk litteratur, master

What do we do?

Throughout the semester we organize both social and academic events. In cooperation with the Department we throw the traditional celebratory dinner for master candidates each year, in order to celebrate all ILN students who have gained their master’s degree that year.

Also, we represent ILN-students in contact with the department management and others, not only through the committee’s work but also through our two student representatives in the Department board. It is mostly the members themselves who decide what to do, but the student committee also has regulations that have been approved and accepted by the students.

One of the student committee’s responsibilities is to be the contact persons for the students at ILN for the masters' reading room in house of Henrik Wergeland. You can find more information about the reading room here.

We post info about our events regularly in our Facebook group, called Informasjon fra studentutvalget ved ILN. You can also follow this Facebook group; ILN- studenter. We also publish current news and other info we believe could be interesting for the students.

Contact us!

You are most welcome to contact us if you have something you want to discuss. This can be anything from lighting in the reading room to courses and social events. Do you know anything ILN students should know about? Send us an e-mail to: !

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