Diana Santos

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Phone +47 22857657
Room NT 1026
Visiting address Niels Treschows building 10th floor Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 0851 OSLO
Postal address ILOS Postboks 1003 Blindern NO-0315 Oslo Norway

Academic interests

Computational processing of Portuguese, natural language processing, semantics, translation, information retrieval, evaluation, corpus processing, contrastive studies, statistics, language and culture, distant reading.



  • Portuguese grammar, BA level (POR1101, POR1102, POR1104, POR2102, POR2105)
  • Portuguese grammar, contrastive linguistics and translation, MA level (POR4120, POR4104, POR4103)
  • MA supervision

Once or past

  • Courses on Portuguese grammar, BA-level (POR2101)
  • Introduction to statistical methods in linguistics and literature, MA level (SPR4104)
  • Introduction to MA thesis writing, MA level, on publication and quantitative methods (IBER4100)
  • PhD course on Emotions in Language (June 2015)
  • Courses on lusophone history and culture (part of IBER1501) (autumn 2016)

Higher education and employment history

I hold a (5 years) electronics and computers engineering degree, a MSc (3 years) with a thesis on machine translation, and a PhD on contrastive corpus-based semantics, all from Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal).

I taught at the Technical University of Lisbon from 1983-1990, 1994.

I have been a researcher at INESC (1991-1996), IBM Portugal (1989-1990) and SINTEF ICT (1998-2010), and employee at the Research Computing Services at the University of Oslo (2010).

My current position in Portuguese linguistics at the University of Oslo started 15 January 2011, as associate professor until October 2012, and full professor since.


Through leading Linguateca, an international project for deploying and fostering the development and availability of resources for the computational processing of Portuguese, I have a long-standing cooperation with the major universities in Portugal and Brazil, as well as with the University of Southern Denmark.

See also

My page at Linguateca for a longer and wider perspective, and my old personal page at the University of Oslo for more details on my presence here at the University of Oslo, both in English.


Tags: Portuguese, Portuguese language, Natural Language Processing, Semantics, Translation, Translation Studies, Corpus Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Statistics for Humanities, Distant reading
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