The Romany People's Culture, Language, and History: Forms of Musical Expression (completed)

Music and song have been, and still are, important elements of the identity of the Norwegian travellers Romany People.

This project seeks to record the wide variety of musical expressions in this rich culture, both the old songs and more recent material.

About the project

The project is part of a larger research project on the Romany people’s history, language, and culture, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The background for the project is the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion’s ambition to focus on the group itself and its culture, after having sponsored research on the mistreatment of the group as a result of the Norwegian government’s policy in the 20th century and this policy’s regrettable results.

 See project description for more information.


Published Apr. 30, 2010 10:40 AM - Last modified Mar. 13, 2014 2:44 PM


Project manager
Associate professor Hans-Hinrich Thedens


  • Hans-Hinrich Thedens
  • Mary Barthelemy
  • Helga Gunnes
  • Atle Lien Jenssen
  • Gjermund Kolltveit
Detailed list of participants