Student life

Group of students playing instruments while sitting on the lawn outside of the ZEB-building. Photo.
Photo: Jarli&Jordan/UiO

A musical community at the University of Oslo

Musicology has a reputation as being one of the best departments to study in at the Faculty of Humanities. All teaching and practice rooms are located in the ZEB Building. Here you can interact, socially and musically, with your fellow students!
At the beginning of each semester, there is a reception week to welcome students, new and old, to the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The students' committee for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes organises a number of activities and study trips for the Master’s students during the academic year.
The social committee Zebastian organises various social events, including the student Eurovision Song Contest and a back-to-school party each semester.

Students' committee

The students' committee acts as a link between the students and the management of the Department and the programme.

The committee is involved in everything that affects musicology students’ daily lives: Practice rooms, reading rooms and technical equipment, or issues related to courses, teaching, evaluation or exams.

Student life at the Faculty of Humanities