The Students' Committee

The students' committee has a representative on the departmental board and administers the reading room, books and documents, and the instrument lockers.

The representatives on the committee are elected each autumn.

What does the students' committee do?

The students' committee acts as a link between the students and the management of the department and the programme. We are represented on the Departmental Board and the Contact Committee.

We are involved in everything that affects musicology students’ daily lives, from practice rooms, reading rooms and technical equipment to issues related to courses, teaching and evaluation / exams.

If there is an issue you would like to raise, no matter how big or small, send us an e-mail or come and talk to us. Our meeting times and other details are posted on the committee's board in the reading room corridor.
If you wish to stand for election to the committee, please contact us.  

Contact information


The Student's Committee for Musicology
Department of Musicology
P.O. Box 1017 Blindern
0315 Oslo




Ida Stensløkken, Sigmund Berg, Ane Sannan Akø, Marius Berg,

Christopher Straume, Claudia Stepien and Marion Bræstrup Løsnes



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