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A database of all known performances of Ibsen's plays. The database is event-based and relational and can be used as a research tool.

Image from a stage production of When We Dead Awaken.
When We Dead Awaken. Photo: Leif Gabrielsen


A quantitative research tool that contains data on more than 25,000 productions of Ibsen's plays.

The database is relational, which means that the data on Ibsen events are linked to actors, organisations and theatres related to the production. The datasets may be used in network analysis and visualisations. You can also see all Ibsen performances displayed on a map of the world through the map search.

How to use the database

By using the map function, movements in time and space can be visualised. Thus, one can see how Ibsen's dramas have spread throughout the world from the time of the world premiere up until today.

The database has been developed in cooperation with AusStage, the national database of performative art in Australia, and The National Library of Norway.