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IbsenStage is a database of all known performances of Ibsen's plays. The database is event-based and relational, which makes it a useful research tool.

Image from a stage production of When We Dead Awaken.
When We Dead Awaken. Photo: Leif Gabrielsen

IbsenStage is a quantitative research tool that contains data on more than 20,000 productions of Ibsen's plays.

The database is relational, which means that the data are linked. It is, therefore, possible to find information on one particular play; on productions and performances of this play; or on one particular actor in one of these productions, and whether this actor has played in any other productions of Ibsen's plays.

How to use the database

By using the map function, movements in time and space can be visualised. Thus, one can, for example, find out how A Doll's House has spread to virtually the entire world. At the moment, there are 488 registered events for A Doll's House in Norway from the time of the world premiere up until today, 54 in Japan and 659 in Germany.

The database has been developed in cooperation with AusStage, the national database of performative art in Australia, and The National Library of Norway.