Haley De Korne

Associate Professor
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Phone +47 228 44287
Room HW 410
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Academic interests

I am an Applied Linguist, working at the intersection of Linguistics, Education, and Anthropology to examine and contribute to language learning, literacy practices, and social justice in multilingual education contexts. My current work focuses on teachers' critical language awareness; imaginaries of social change in multilingual regions; and pedagogies for language reclamation, multilingualism, and multiliteracies. 

Research areas include:            

Minoritised languages in education; Multilingual education policy and pedagogy; Language politics; Indigenous language reclamation; Language ideologies; Isthmus Zapotec (Mexico); Anishinaabemowin (US & Canada); Action-research; Ethnography; Interactional Sociolinguistics; Linguistic Anthropology


PhD Educational Linguistics, 2016, University of Pennsylvania, USA

MA Applied Linguistics, 2009, University of Victoria, Canada

BA Hons Combined Social Sciences, 2005, Durham University, UK

Publications & CV available at:

Courses taught

University of Oslo:

  • NOAS 4102 Additional language learning in a socio-cognitive and sociocultural perspective
  • LING 1107 Language Acquisition
  • LING 1109 Multilingualism

PhD courses:

University of Cape Town, South Africa

  • Multilingualism (co-taught with Ana Deumert)

University of Pennsylvania, USA

  • Sociolinguistics in Education

Autonomous Benito Juarez University of Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Critical Language Evaluation 
  • Multilingualism & Interculturalism 
  • Sociolinguistics & Curriculum Design
  • Critique of Language and Education Policies 

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Performance, Presentation, and Communication 


Akademiet for Yngre Forskere  (Norwegian Academy for Young Researchers) (2021-2025)

American Association of Applied Linguistics Committee for Online Education and Outreach (2021-2022)

MultiNor (Multilingual North: Diversity, Education and Revitalisation) Research Group (affiliated researcher)

Tags: Flerspråklighet, Lingvistikk, Norsk som andrespråk, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Multilingualism, Language and Education Policy, Language Pedagogy, Language Endangerment, Mexico (Latin America), Action Research, Ethnography


  • Lomeu Gomes, Rafael & De Korne, Haley (2022). Foreign-local teacher-learners in the digital classroom: Everyday translanguaging and pedagogical translanguaging in Norwegian higher education. Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices (JMTP). ISSN 2632-4490. 3(1), p. 78–100. doi: 10.1558/jmtp.21356. Full text in Research Archive
  • Beiler, Ingrid M. Rodrick; De Korne, Haley & Dewilde, Joke (2021). Etnografiske tilnærminger til andrespråksforskning. NOA - Norsk som andrespråk. ISSN 0801-3284. 37(1-2), p. 33–57. Full text in Research Archive
  • De Korne, Haley & Weinberg, Miranda (2021). 'I learned that my name is spelled wrong': Lessons from Mexico and Nepal on teaching literacy for Indigenous language reclamation. Comparative Education Review. ISSN 0010-4086. 65(2), p. 288–309. doi: 10.1086/713317. Full text in Research Archive
  • De Korne, Haley (2020). Comment « bien parler » le zapotèque de l'Isthme ? Purisme, pluralisme et enjeux sociaux. In Leblic, Isabelle & Souag, Lameen (Ed.), Du terrain á la théorie: les 40 ans de Lacito. Lacito Publications. ISSN 978-2-490768-01-1. p. 179–197.
  • De Korne, Haley (2020). Rethinking Ideologies of Learners’ Speech and the Multilingual Learning Process . The Modern Language Journal. ISSN 0026-7902. 104(2), p. 497–501. doi: 10.1111/modl.12654.
  • Lexander, Kristin Vold; Goncalves, Kellie & De Korne, Haley (2020). Multilingual literacy practices – Global perspectives on visuality, materiality and creativity. International Journal of Multilingualism. ISSN 1479-0718. 17(3), p. 271–285. doi: 10.1080/14790718.2020.1766049.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith & De Korne, Haley Jean (2019). Learning language regimes: Children's representations of minority language education. Journal of Sociolinguistics. ISSN 1360-6441. doi: 10.1111/josl.12346. Full text in Research Archive
  • De Korne, Haley; López Gopar, Mario & Rios Rios, Kiara (2018). Changing ideological and implementational spaces for minoritised languages in higher education: Zapotequización of language education in Mexico. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development (JMMD). ISSN 0143-4632. doi: 10.1080/01434632.2018.1531876. Full text in Research Archive
  • Hornberger, Nancy H. & De Korne, Haley (2018). Is Revitalization Through Education Possible? In Hinton, Leanne; Huss, Leena & Roche, Gerald (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Language Revitalization. Routledge. ISSN 9781138674493. p. 94–103. doi: 10.4324/9781315561271-12.
  • Schissel, Jamie; De Korne, Haley & López Gopar, Mario (2018). Grappling with translanguaging for teaching and assessment in culturally and linguistically diverse contexts: teacher perspectives from Oaxaca, Mexico. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. ISSN 1367-0050. p. 1–17. doi: 10.1080/13670050.2018.1463965. Full text in Research Archive
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). 'A Treasure' and 'A Legacy': Individual and Communal (Re)valuing of Isthmus Zapotec in Multilingual Mexico. In Flubacher, Mi-Cha & Del Perico, Alfonso (Ed.), Language, Education and Neoliberalism: Critical Studies in Sociolinguistics. Multilingual Matters. ISSN 978-1-78309-868-2. p. 37–61. doi: 10.21832/9781783098699-005.
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). The multilingual realities of language reclamation: Working with language contact, diversity, and change in endangered language education. Language Documentation and Description. ISSN 1740-6234. 14, p. 111–135. Full text in Research Archive
  • De Korne, Haley & Hornberger, Nancy H. (2017). Countering unequal multilingualism through ethnographic monitoring. In Martin-Jones, Marilyn & Martin, Deirdre (Ed.), Researching Multilingualism: Critical and ethnographic perspectives. Routledge. ISSN 978-0-415-74842-1. p. 247–258.
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). 'That's too much to learn': Writing, longevity and urgency in the Isthmus Zapotec speech community. In Lane, Pia; Costa, James & De Korne, Haley Jean (Ed.), Standardizing minority languages: Competing ideologies of authority and authenticity in the global periphery. Routledge. ISSN 978-1-315-64772-2. p. 154–174.
  • Costa, James; De Korne, Haley Jean & Lane, Pia (2017). Standardising Minority Languages: Reinventing Peripheral Languages in the 21st Century. In Lane, Pia; Costa, James & De Korne, Haley Jean (Ed.), Standardizing minority languages: Competing ideologies of authority and authenticity in the global periphery. Routledge. ISSN 978-1-315-64772-2. p. 1–23.

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  • De Korne, Haley (2021). Language activism: Imaginaries and strategies of minority language equality. De Gruyter Mouton. ISBN 9781501517402. 260 p. Full text in Research Archive
  • Lane, Pia; Costa, James & De Korne, Haley Jean (2017). Standardizing minority languages: Competing ideologies of authority and authenticity in the global periphery. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-315-64772-2. 249 p. Full text in Research Archive

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  • De Korne, Haley; Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard & Lund, Bjarte Aarmo (2022). Ukens spørsmål: Kvifor er vatnet så himla kaldt? Morgenbladet. ISSN 0805-3847.
  • De Korne, Haley; Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard & Lund, Bjarte Aarmo (2022). Hvorfor kriger mennesker? Morgenbladet. ISSN 0805-3847.
  • Arum, Nuranindia Endah & De Korne, Haley (2022). Language Policy and Language Learning in the Multilingual Workplace.
  • De Korne, Haley (2021). Language activism and dynamics of multilingualism.
  • De Korne, Haley (2021). Dynamics of multilingualism in language revitalisation and activism: Applied linguistic insights from Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • De Korne, Haley (2021). What makes a language activist? .
  • De Korne, Haley & Golden, Anne (2021). Attitudes towards language-internal variation among Norwegian as an additional language teachers.
  • De Korne, Haley (2021). Multilingual tactics for civic vulnerability.
  • De Korne, Haley (2021). Samarbeid mellom forskere og skoler: Muligheter og utfordringer.
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  • Røyneland, Unn & De Korne, Haley (2018). Combatir el racismo lingüístico: Propuestas desde Noruega y México. [Journal]. Piedra, Papel & Tijeras.
  • De Korne, Haley (2018). Negociación de normas en la enseñanza del Zapoteco del Istmo: Perspectivas de maestr@s y alumn@s (Negotiation of norms in Isthmus Zapotec education: Perspectives of teachers and students). .
  • Røyneland, Unn & De Korne, Haley (2018). Minoritetsspråklege skriftkulturar. Normering, standardisering og bruk av minoritetsspråk .
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  • De Korne, Haley Jean (2016). "Diidxazá do'" and "Zapochueco": Negotiations of pluralism and prescriptivism in Isthmus Zapotec communication.
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