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Dialogues with the Past - Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology

Indian petroglyph in Newspaper Rock, Utah

Photo: Colourbox

The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology, ‘Dialogues with the Past’ (DIALPAST), is a well-established research school for PhD students from the Nordic countries, Kiel, St.Petersburg and the Baltics. Through world-class courses DialPast promotes international network-building amongst PhD students, integrating archaeological networks across national, disciplinary and institutional boundaries.



AUGUST 21 – 25, 2017

WHAT? An intensive course on a new, multidisciplinary scientific field: Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research (CSPR). The course will take place in Porto Cheli (Greece), and include field trips to the prehistoric site of Franchthi Cave and surrounding area.

FOR WHOM? For postgraduate students and young scientists who wish to move across the boundaries of marine geosciences and archaeology, in order to shed light on the interactions between our ancestors and the dynamically changing environment.

BY WHOM? Teaching by the University of Geneva faculty and renowned experts from international universities or institutions.

WHY? A unique opportunity to understand paleoclimate and sea level change and their interaction with isostatic and tectonic vertical movements, and to link them to the archaeology of people who lived on and migrated across the continental shelf.

Tuition fees: 600 CHF

Equivalence of 2 ECTS credits

Deadline: 1st May, 2017

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Coordinator of the Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology:

Julianne Rustad