Persons tagged with «PhD»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Alver, Ivar Senior Executive Officer +47-22845333 Research administration, Reporting, PhD
Aronsen, Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22851674 +47-92402555 (mob) ePhorte, KVU, Events, Parat, PhD, Facilitation, Purchasing, Web publishing, Cristin, Administration
Bjørnerud, Kari-Anne Adviser +47-22845336 Administration, Organized research training (doctoral programme), PhD, Theses/dissertations, Trial lecture, Disputation
Borge, Randi Hovden Higher Executive Officer +47-22845335 Research support, PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme), Dr.philos.
Bremer, Merethe Senior Adviser +47-22856353 +47-95209393 (mob) Research training, Statistics, Doctoral program, Research administration, PhD, Regulations, Research school
Corell, Mari Adviser +47-22856360 PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Dragisic, Biljana Senior Executive Officer +47-22855882 Student guidance, Disputation, PhD, Trial lecture, FS, TP, Exchange
Enger, Tone Senior Executive Officer +47-22855115 PhD, Exam arranging
Forsudd, Britt-Marie Senior Executive Officer +47-22856953 PhD, Research administration, Study abroad, Student and Staff mobility
Fægri, Karoline Senior Lecturer +47-22855427 PhD, Admissions, Programme descriptions, Student guidance, Fronter
Gustavsen, Sverre Andreas Sydnes Senior Executive Officer +47-22845055 Admission Ph.D.-programme, Disputation, PhD, Exam arranging
Gärtner, Anna Clarissa Higher Executive Officer +47-22844422 Student guidance, Admissions, Programme descriptions, PhD
Heinz, Katharina Doctoral Research Fellow Old Norse Philology, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Rhetoric, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Middle Ages, PhD
Innes, Anne Gunhild Senior Executive Officer +47-22855869 ePhorte, Parat, FS, study administration, Inspera, student administration, PhD
Larsen, Ragnar Holst Adviser +47-22844738 Student administration, Student guidance, PhD, Master's thesis
Majid, Sumera Senior Executive Officer +47-22854943 Web publishing, Student guidance, Exchange, PhD
Mazzarella, Anna Virginia Black Senior Executive Officer +47-22855065 Exchange, PhD, Web publishing, Student guidance
Moe, Birgitte Furberg Doctoral Research Fellow +47-93094504 Nordic literature, PhD, Literature
Mosgren, Silje Higher Executive Officer +47-22857732 PhD, PhD administration, Organized research training
Nielsen, Sandra Rebekka Senior Executive Officer +47-22856433 research administration, PhD, Web
Saidenova, Zhanna Senior Adviser +47-22857890 PhD, Research support, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Cristin
Sheibani Harat, Mozhdeh Senior Adviser +47-22840130 PhD, Exchange
Younes, Sarah Senior Executive Officer +47-22840923 PhD