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Persons 26 - 50 of 125
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Engenes, Ellen Holandsli Senior Executive Officer +47 22854718
Finne, Eirik Jonassen Higher Executive Officer +47 22854113
Picture of Britt-Marie Agneta Forsudd Forsudd, Britt-Marie Agneta Senior Executive Officer +47 22856953 PhD, Research administration, Study abroad, Student and Staff mobility
Picture of Marit Johanne Furunes Furunes, Marit Johanne Research Adviser +47 22854503
Picture of Ragnhild Norheim Førland Førland, Ragnhild Norheim Senior Executive Officer +47 22856983
Gardener, Stephen David Senior Executive Officer +47 938 08 982 Creative Coding, Technologies and Media
Picture of Mari Ringnes Gløtberget Gløtberget, Mari Ringnes Principal Engineer
Picture of Dragana Grulovic Grulovic, Dragana Senior Executive Officer +47 22844403
Picture of Kristin Hagen Hagen, Kristin Senior Engineer +47 22857110 92203733 Corpus development, Corpus linguistics, Dialects
Picture of Astrid Lello Hald Hald, Astrid Lello Adviser Research administration, Cristin, MSCA, ERC, NFR, Project coordinator, Creative IPR
Hansen, Ane Bjølgerud Adviser +47 22856876
Picture of Caroline Hansen Hansen, Caroline Studies administrator for philosophy 22858038 Study administration, Course Administration
Picture of Sindre Herman Brennhagen Haugen Haugen, Sindre Herman Brennhagen Higher Executive Officer +47 22845507 45671065
Picture of Karen Mathilde Haugland Haugland, Karen Mathilde Head of Office +47 22856928 +47 92484626 Mangement
Picture of Maria Natvik Hellebø Hellebø, Maria Natvik Senior Executive Officer +47 22854830 Student administration, Kulturstudier, Museologi og kulturarvstudier
Picture of Mari Johanne Bordal Hertzenberg Hertzenberg, Mari Johanne Bordal Student advisor +47 22 85 76 39
Picture of Rita Hjorteset Hjorteset, Rita Higher Executive Officer +47 22857069 syllabus and teaching schedule, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Bjørnar Hjulstad Hjulstad, Bjørnar Administrative Manager +47 22845005 (0047) 46632217
Holm, Marlene Higher Executive Officer +47 22858645
Picture of Katerina Houben Houben, Katerina Senior Advisor, PhD and Research Support 22850445 Events, Internal Communication, Recruitment, Research administration, Research support, PhD coordinator
Picture of Thea Høiland Høiland, Thea Senior Executive Officer +47 22856095
Picture of Michela Iacorossi Iacorossi, Michela Higher Executive Officer +47 45171489 Web publishing, Social media, Annual report, Events, Internal communication
Picture of Cecilia Kosanetzky Ingulstad Ingulstad, Cecilia Kosanetzky Higher Executive Officer +47 22856081 Study administration
Picture of Lene Ørbech  Jensen Jensen, Lene Ørbech Senior Executive Officer +47 22 85 52 34 Middle East Studies, South Asian Culture and Society, HF:studio
Picture of Torhild Joa Joa, Torhild Higher Executive Officer +47 22856060