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Persons 76 - 100 of 126
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Naguleswaran, Kalaivani Senior Executive Officer +47 22859864 +47 47238961 Invoices, Purchasing, Accounts
Picture of Elisabeth Maria Neuhaus Neuhaus, Elisabeth Maria Senior Executive Officer +47 22844237 +47 98635585 Annual report, Research support, Leadership support, Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Communication, INTPART, Events
Picture of Helena Neumann Neumann, Helena International coordinator, Student advisor +4722841956 Internationalization, Erasmus+, International Cooperation, European Cooperation, Mobility, Study Programmes, Study Guidance, Master Admission, Administration
Picture of Hanna Marie Nicholas Nicholas, Hanna Marie Higher Executive Officer Research administration, History, ERC, Web publishing, Internal communication, Events
Picture of Anne  Nicolaysen Nicolaysen, Anne Administrative Manager +39 06 5839 1006
Picture of Jenny Kristine Haga Nielsen Nielsen, Jenny Kristine Haga Higher Executive Officer +47 22854334 Studieadministrasjon, Musikkvitenskap
Picture of Lisa Nordick Nordick, Lisa Adviser +47 22856041 +47 22856041 Research administration, External funding, Cristin
Picture of Anders Nøklestad Nøklestad, Anders Senior Engineer +47 22844042
Picture of Sigurd Holmvik Ovesen Ovesen, Sigurd Holmvik Higher Executive Officer +47 22844506
Picture of Ingrid Robertsen Owen Owen, Ingrid Robertsen Senior Executive Officer +47 22856703 Cultural history, Museology and Cultural Heritage, European Culture, Student administration
Picture of Margrethe Møller Pedersen Pedersen, Margrethe Møller Senior Executive Officer +47 22856099 Student administration
Picture of Sofia White Petterson Petterson, Sofia White Higher Executive Officer +47 22850418
Picture of Anne Lise Bækholt Pound Pound, Anne Lise Bækholt Higher Executive Officer +47 22854112 Purchasing
Picture of Joel James Priestley Priestley, Joel James Senior Engineer +47 22855910
Picture of Ragnhild Rebne Rebne, Ragnhild Administrative Head of Department +47-22855926 ragnhild.rebne@ikos.uio .no
Picture of Oliver Reiersen Reiersen, Oliver Higher Executive Officer +47 22841923 +47 924 25 194 Research administration, Research school, PhD workshop
Picture of Marianne Ritsema van Eck Ritsema van Eck, Marianne Postdoctoral Fellow 0039 06 5839 1010 Medieval Studies, Early Modern Period, Rome, Religionshistorie, Visual Culture, Material Culture
Picture of Nina Maria Rud Rud, Nina Maria Senior Adviser +47 22856252 Public relations, Web content, Social media, Digital Humanities, digitalization
Picture of Helen Rummelhoff Rummelhoff, Helen Senior Executive Officer +47 22850455
Picture of Nina Rundgren Rundgren, Nina 22856527 40202799
Picture of Julianne Rustad Rustad, Julianne Adviser +47 22841935 +47-47959930 Research school, PhD coordinator, Archaeology, ERC, Creative IPR, Project management, Modern history
Picture of Magne Olav Follmoen Rønningen Rønningen, Magne Olav Follmoen Administrative Manager +47 22857366 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education, Administrative management
Picture of Sarah Salameh Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47 22856931 Research support, Research administration, PhD, Cristin, Forskningsrådet, ERC, Privacy, Research Ethics
Picture of Siri Sande Sande, Siri Professore +39 06 5839 1011
Picture of Ragnhild Schea Schea, Ragnhild Senior Executive Officer +47 22844507 +47 90926190