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Thesis, evaluation and public defence - PhD

Thesis: guidelines

  • Scope, length, language, referencing, affiliation
  • Article-based thesis
  • Co-author(s)
  • Regulations for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)
  • Guidelines

Submission of the thesis

  • Submitting the thesis
  • Abstract
  • Proofreading
  • Application for a completion grant
  • Resubmitting?
  • Submitting a revised thesis?


  • When and how is the adjudication committee appointed?
  • How long does the assessment take?
  • Unanimous positive recommendation
  • Divided or negative recommendation
  • The committee recommends a revision
  • The appeals process

Printing before public defence

  • Layout of thesis
  • Printing
  • Submission deadline
  • Requisition form
  • Ordering printing

Trial lecture and public defence

Trial lecture

  • Trial lecture on an assigned topic
  • Procedure
  • Duration
  • Purpose and approval

Public defence

  • What is a public defence?
  • Procedure for the public defence
  • Dress code
  • Public defence lunch

Doctoral dinner and conferral of the PhD degree

  • Doctoral dinner is optional
  • Speeches and seating arrangements
  • Tax deduction
  • Conferment ceremony
  • Doctoral diplomas
  • Temporary documentation

Information for the adjudication committee

  • Information for the adjudication committee
  • Information for the disputation moderator

  • The committee administrator's tasks