Douwtje Lieuwkje van der Meulen

Conservator - Conservation
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Phone +47 22859337
Visiting address Fredriksgate 3 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1008 Blindern 0315 Oslo

Academic interests

  • Cultural heritage

  • Museum

  • Collection management

  • Preventive conservation

  • Object conservation

  • Teaching and learning

Higher education and employment history

2003-         University lecturer, Conservation, IAKH, UiO
2003-2005 Master Museology, University of Leicester
1997-2003 Conservator, Konservering, IAKH, UiO
1992-1997 Archaeological conservator, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
1989-1992 BSc Archaeological Conservation, University College
1983-1989 Master Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Groningen
1985-1999 Worked at excavations in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey,
                  UK and Island, both as archaeologist and conservator.
2014-         Course coordinator
2009-2012 Leader Conservation Department
2009-         Representative of Conservation Studies in European
                  Network for Conservation-Restoration Education (ENCoRE)
2009-         Representative of Conservation Studies in Nordic Network of
                  Conservation Education

International courses


2013 Nominated to lecturer of the year UiO
2016 Nominated to Morgenbladets election of best lecturer in Norway

Finished Project

Flipping Conservation With iNovative and sustainable ICT Tools (FliNT)

This Project aims to (re-) develop three introductory courses at Bachelor level according to the Flipped classroom model. Teaching strategies used are Blended Learning and Constructive alignment. Outside class training will be facilitated by ICT tools and focus largely on theoretical aspects. The freed classroom time will be used for training in basic practical conservation or science skills as well as transferable skills. It is expected that this teaching model will give students better support in their learning process as well as training in practical skills early on in their degree.

The project received funding from DIKU for 2018-2019.


Tags: Conservation, Object Conservation


  • Meulen, Douwtje L van der (2017). Teaching undergraduates Research skills by doing and reflecting. Conservation, exposition et Restauration d'Objets d'Art. ISSN 1784-5092. HS/2017. doi: 10.4000/ceroart.5055.
  • Meulen, Douwtje L van der (2015). Monumental Theatre Sceneries: Big Groups Big Problems? In Rajainmaa, Anna; Vihakara, Marleena; Haapakoski, Satu; Björklund, Stina; Tiainen, Erika & Holmqvist, Kaarina (Ed.), Monumental Treasures. Preservation and Conservation.. The Nordic Association of Conservators Finnish section. ISSN 978-952-93-6194-6. p. 228–235.
  • Meulen van der, Douwtje L & Haugerud, Trond (2009). Nettstøtte som motiverer til læring: Slik lagde vi et vellykket læringsprogram. In Koch, Susanne Anette Kjekshus (Eds.), Ringer i vann. Lenge leve fleksibel læring ved Universitetet i Oslo. Fleksibel læring, UiO. ISSN 978-82-997407-3-9. p. 59–71.

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  • Meulen van der, Douwtje L (2006). Evakueringsplaner, føre var!

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