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Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Siri Aamodt Aamodt, Siri Advisor
Picture of Dag Backer Backer, Dag Senior Engineer +47-22857854 +47-97114521
Picture of Nora Birkeland Birkeland, Nora Senior Executive Officer +47 22854605 History, Bachelor, Student administration, Student guidance, Student advisor, Course Administration, Courses
Picture of Marthe Bogen Bogen, Marthe Seniorkonsulent
Picture of Mari  Eidstuen Eidstuen, Mari Senior Executive Officer Administration, Examination, Teaching
Picture of Astrid Lello Hald Hald, Astrid Lello Rådgiver
Hansen, Ane Bjølgerud Rådgiver +47 22856876
Holm, Marlene Higher Executive Officer +47 22858645
Jafri, Sana
Klasson, Magne Research Assistant +47 22858625 +47 22858553 (office)
Picture of Ragnar Holst Larsen Larsen, Ragnar Holst Adviser +47 22844738 PhD, Research school
Picture of Ellen Cathrine Lund Lund, Ellen Cathrine Senior Adviser +47 22856194 +4791158122
Nesheim, Anna Marie Skråmestø Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Helena Neumann Neumann, Helena International coordinator, Student advisor +4722841956 Internationalization, Erasmus+, International Cooperation, European Cooperation, Mobility, Study Programmes, Study Guidance, Master Admission, Administration
Nicholas, Hanna Marie Vit. assistent
Picture of Katrine Randin Randin, Katrine Administrative Head of Department +47 22856769 +47 92694995 Human resources administration, Finance, Budget
Reiersen, Oliver Førstekonsulent
Picture of Nina Maria Rud Rud, Nina Maria Senior Adviser +47 22856252 Public relations, Web content, Social media, Digital Humanities, digitalization
Picture of Julianne Rustad Rustad, Julianne Adviser +47 22841935 +47-47959930 Research school, PhD coordinator, Archaeology, ERC, Creative IPR, Project management, Modern history
Picture of Magne Olav Follmoen Rønningen Rønningen, Magne Olav Follmoen Administrative Manager +47 22857366 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education, Administrative management
Picture of Tarjei Solberg Solberg, Tarjei Senior Executive Officer +47 22858551 Reimbursements, Voucher based salary, Invoice processing, Accounting, Procurement
Picture of Ingrid Bugge Stange Stange, Ingrid Bugge Research advisor +47-22858194 Research administration, Externally funded projects, Cristin (forskningspublikasjoner)
Picture of Yngvild Storli Storli, Yngvild Higher Executive Officer +47 22857732
Picture of Alf Storrud Storrud, Alf Seniorkonsulent +47 22857937 +4798048803