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The Norwegian Research School in History

The Norwegian Research School in History is a newly established research school for PhD students in history. Our ambition is to offer PhD students in history relevant and ambitious courses and training. 

About the Research School

Our aim is to strengthen students’ intellectual range and specialist competencies, hoping that the courses and training might challenge the students to problematize the methodological framework of their research projects.

The Research School builds networks among PhD students, across national and institutional boundaries, and train students in the use of historical knowledge in the society at large. 


We offer courses in theoretical and methodological problems and courses on more specific topics. We also organize workshops to develop professional skills and dissertation writing symposia. 

Theory and methods course 

5 ECTS. Annually, the first week of March.

Every PhD thesis needs to explicitly grapple with issues of theory and methods. This course addresses foundational problems related to theory (ideas/principles to explain a practice or account for a situation) and method (planned procedure to pursue knowledge), and highlights the connections between them.

History in the society

3 ECTS. Biannual course.

How can knowledge about past events and processes help us deal with acute challenges today? How may historians contribute? The course uses one major challenge as a case for understanding how historical knowledge and methods may be relevant. Students will engage with faculty and professionals who spend all their time on this problem, and work on improving their own abilities to apply and disseminate historical knowledge. The theme itself is not what will be your core take-away. This is a course where you will have to challenge yourself to think about how what we do is relevant and how we should make it matter.

Advanced research course

3 ECTS. Annual course. 

The course delves into a more a specialized theme/problem/approach and focus on historiography and research methods. Its theoretical reflections will be of general relevance. The course is designed to work on major new trends and to challenge students to practice their ability to learn and to think about particular methodological and theoretical problems beyond their particular project.

Professional skills workshop 

1 ECTS. Two times each year. 

This workshop trains core practical skills which every historian needs to be proficient in. We cooperate with local, national and international partners and use hands-on pedagogical approaches. Organized in conjunction with the larger courses.

Dissertation writing

1 ECTS. Three times each year. 

Students present and discuss chapters or articles that will be part of their PhD dissertations with peers and faculty. Each workshop also has a module where we focus specifically on one particular element in the process of writing the dissertation.



Hanne Hagtvedt Vik 


Ragnar Holst Larsen