NJPL - Nordic Journal of Philosophical logic

Welcome to the archive of NJPL!

The journal began as a result of a student initiative in 1995. The founding editors were at that time graduate students of philosophy. The former Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo, now a part of the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, was not involved in the process. The Scandinavian University Press was the publisher. Professor Andrew Jones acted as the editor in chief as from volume II. Regrettably the journal for various reasons had to discontinue with its last number in December 2000, and so did not survive into the 21st century. The Department of Philosophy was thereafter asked to secure its net presence. Here it is to remain. Happy browsing!


All volumes are available in the column to the left and all articles are in pdf-format. Dead links should be reported to henvendelser@ifikk.uio.no