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Phone +47 22844509
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 P. A. Munchs hus 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1010 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic interests:
The Palestinian national movement, Lebanese politics and society, refugee camps, rebel governance, youth movements, and Arabic language.

I received my PhD at the University of Oslo in 2018. My monograph, entitled
The Palestinian national movement in Lebanon: a political history of the ‘Ayn al-Hilwe camp,” will be published on I.B Tauris in the summer of 2021.

As of April 2019, I am engaged as a postdoctoral researcher in the Rebel Government project, which explores the relationship between rebel groups and kinship organizations in the Middle East. I am currently writing about and conducting interviews with leaders of tribal justice committees in the refugee camps of Nablus in Palestine, as well as Palestinian kinship organizations, village committees and civilian initiatives in the refugee camps of Lebanon. I take great interest in following the evolution of non-factional institutions and youth movements in the Palestinian camps of Lebanon, among them the largely youth-organized Palestinian Civil Defense.

I supervise two master students, and teach the Fieldwork research methods module embedded in the MES4000 course at the University of Oslo.


PhD in Middle Eastern and North Africa studies at the University of Oslo, 2018.

M.A. in Middle Eastern and North Africa studies at the University of Oslo, 2014.

Arabic studies at Institut français du Proche-Orient (IFPO) in Beirut 2011-12.

B.A. in Middle Eastern and North African Studies at University of Oslo, 2011. Major: Arabic language.

Arabic studies at the University of Damascus 2010.

Tags: Midtøsten, CIMS


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  • Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2021). The Palestinian National Movement in Lebanon: A Political History of the 'Ayn al-Hilwe Camp. I.B. Tauris.  ISBN 978-0-7556-0283-4.  272 s.

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  • Jensehaugen, Jørgen & Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2021). The Palestinian elections that weren't. The Loop. Show summary
  • Anstorp, Henrik Buljo; Tuastad, Dag Henrik & Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2020). Students Taking to the Streets: Mobilizing for a Secular Lebanon.
  • Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2020). Palestinian Refugee First Responders Rush to Aid Beirut. Middle East Report.  ISSN 0899-2851. Show summary
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  • Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2019). The Youth of Balata: A Generation of Hopelessness. Jadaliyya. Show summary
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  • Maktabi, Rania; Skare, Erik & Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2018). Forord som redaktør for spesialnummer av Babylon - Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier: "Stat, statsborgerskap og territorialitet" - Festskrift for Nils A. Butenschøn 70 år.. Babylon - Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier.  ISSN 1503-5727.  (2)
  • Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2018). Ein palestinar i det libanesiske parlamentet? Eit intervju med aktivisten Manal Kortam. Babylon - Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier.  ISSN 1503-5727.  (1), s 62- 67
  • Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2018). No one can Rule Us. Politics of exile in the Refugee camp ‘Ayn Al-Hilwe, Capital of the Palestinian Diaspora (1993-2017). Show summary
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  • Gade, Tine & Sogge, Erling Lorentzen (2016). Libanon på en knivsegg.

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