Arild Engelsen Ruud

Professor - South Asia studies
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Phone +47 22856712
Mobile phone +4799533823
Room 381 PAM
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36
Postal address Postboks 1010 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic Interests

  • Political culture in South Asia (in particular India and Bangladesh)
  • Political leadership, populism, authoritarianism, strongman leaders
  • Democracy and popular perceptions of democracy
  • Criminal leaders, mafia, authority
  • Recently published on blasphemy, Islamist radical right, increases in authoritarianism in democracies, notions of sovereignty


  • Modern South Asian history
  • Political culture in South Asia
  • Foundational issues for the study of Asian and African societies

Ongoing research

Currently engaged in two broad research topics: South Asian Political Culture and Religion and Politics.

Higher education

  • PhD London School of Economics


  • Head of Research, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages 2015--2020
  • Head of Board, Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo 2013--2021
  • Member editorial board, Studies in Indian Politics
Tags: South Asia, India, Political culture, Bangladesh


  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen & Hasan, Mubashar (2021). The state and the construction of the ‘blasphemer’ in Bangladesh. In Stensvold, Anne (Eds.), Blasphemies compared : Transgressive speech in a globalised world. Routledge. ISSN 9780367254223.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen & Hasan, Mubashar (2021). Radical right Islamists in Bangladesh: A counter-intuitive argument. South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies. ISSN 0085-6401. p. 1–18.

View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen; Hasan, Mubashar; Georgeou, Nichole & Hawksley, Charles (2021). What Myanmar’s coup d’état means for the Rohingya refugees and their future. ABC.
  • Chatterjee, Niladri; Ruud, Arild Engelsen & Mahmood, Zaad (2021). Making Sense of the West Bengal Elections. [Internet]. Nordic Asia Podcast.
  • Samuelsen, Guro Warhuus; Nielsen, Kenneth Bo; Ruud, Arild Engelsen & Chatterjee, Niladri (2021). Modi - The Sage King? [Internet]. Nordic Asia Podcast.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen; Nielsen, Kenneth Bo; Chatterjee, Niladri & Samuelsen, Guro Warhuus (2021). Den vise kongen - eller et politisk mesterstykke? Asiapunkt.
  • Chatterjee, Niladri; Nielsen, Kenneth Bo; Samuelsen, Guro Warhuus & Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2021). Modi: The Sage King? Dhaka Tribune.
  • Chatterjee, Niladri & Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2021). Understanding the ‘Enigma’ in Indian Politics: West Bengal Assembly Election 2021. Shuddhashar. ISSN 2535-7476.
  • Chatterjee, Niladri & Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2021). West Bengal Election 2021: Why it is monumental? Shuddhashar. ISSN 2535-7476.
  • Chatterjee, Niladri; Ruud, Arild Engelsen & Mahmood, Zaad (2021). Authoritarian Populism in South Asia: Mamata Banerjee as a Strong(wo)man Leader.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Sandmafia sprer frykt. [Newspaper]. VG.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Spedbarn blir solgt til prostitusjon. [Newspaper]. VG.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Tobarnsfaren skulle ut og hente mat. Så ble han skutt av hindunasjonalister. [Newspaper]. Aftenposten.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Jager muslimer, ønsker en hindunasjon. [Newspaper]. Aftenposten.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Gatekamper i Delhi. Asiapunkt.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Kashmir-konflikten, en historisk bakgrunn.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Trump i India. [Radio]. NRK Dagens.
  • Ruud, Arild Engelsen (2020). Ute etter muslimer. [Newspaper]. Klassekampen.
  • Berg, Dag-Erik; Ruud, Arild Engelsen; Frøystad, Kathinka & Løkeland-Stai, Espen (2020). India-forsker om rektor-nei til India-tur: «Lite interesse for demokrati?». [Newspaper].

View all works in Cristin

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