Project Task Sets and Groups

Working Groups

  1. Transmedial Fictions: The Transmedial Fictions WG focuses on alternative futuring strategies in SF. The task sets are: (1) Afrofuturism/African Futurisms; (2) Chinese Futurisms/Sinofuturism; (3) Latin@/Latinx Futurisms; (4) Gulf and Arabfuturisms; (5) Indigenous Futurisms; (6) South Asian Futurisms
  2. Virtual Worlds: The Virtual Worlds WG explores the role of virtual environments in understanding possible worlds. The task sets are: (1) Theories and Histories of the Virtual; (2) Virtual Environments and Speculative Futures; (3) Gameworlds and Possible Worlds; (4) Reimagining Speculative Technologies

UiO infrastructure and support

  1. Holodeck: Games and New Media Research Lab
  2. Science Fiction Library and SF collections
  3. Norwegian SF Archives
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