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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lea Allouche Allouche, Lea Doctoral Research Fellow lea.allouche@iln.uio.no Nordic literature, Contemporary Literature, Lyric Poetry
Aspøy, Åshild Mogstad Doctoral Research Fellow 95146583 a.m.aspoy@iln.uio.no
Picture of Cathrine Bjerknes Bjerknes, Cathrine Postdoctoral Fellow cathrine.bjerknes@iln.uio.no
Buerskogen, Linnea Eirin Timmermann Doctoral Research Fellow l.e.t.buerskogen@iln.uio.no
Picture of Rinni Marliyana Haji Amran Haji Amran, Rinni Marliyana Postdoctoral Fellow r.m.h.amran@iln.uio.no
Picture of Ingeborg Rebecca Mjelde Helleberg Helleberg, Ingeborg Rebecca Mjelde Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46363911 46363911 i.r.m.helleberg@iln.uio.no
Picture of Michela Iacorossi Iacorossi, Michela Doctoral Research Fellow +47 45171489 michela.iacorossi@iln.uio.no Multilingualism, Crosslinguistic influence, Third Language Acquisition
Picture of Heidi Karlsen Karlsen, Heidi Senior Lecturer +47 92453736 heidi.karlsen@ub.uio.no Digital Humanities, Discourse Analysis, Literary studies
Kleiva, Julie Sandberg Senior Lecturer j.s.kleiva@iln.uio.no
Kvam, Anna Serafima Svendsen Doctoral Research Fellow a.s.s.kvam@iln.uio.no Scandinavian literature, Literature, Book History, Disability Studies, Doctoral fellowship
Leemhuis, Marianne Mosvold Doctoral Research Fellow m.m.leemhuis@iln.uio.no Literature didactics, Literature and Democracy, Critical Discourse Analysis, Autobiographical Writing, Reader-Response Criticism, Emotions and Learning
Picture of Birgitte Furberg Moe Moe, Birgitte Furberg Doctoral Research Fellow b.f.moe@iln.uio.no Nordic literature, PhD, Literature
Schmidt Nielsen, Ann-Katrine Visiting researcher a.k.s.nielsen@iln.uio.no Nordic literature
Tvede, Øystein Senior Lecturer oystein.tvede@iln.uio.no
Picture of Benjamin Yazdan Yazdan, Benjamin Doctoral Research Fellow benjamin.yazdan@iln.uio.no
Picture of Hilde Øvreness Øvreness, Hilde Doctoral Research Fellow +47-92229195 hilde.ovreness@iln.uio.no