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Scandinavian Literature

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lea Allouche Allouche, Lea Doctoral Research Fellow Nordic literature, Contemporary Literature, Lyric Poetry
Picture of Per Thomas Andersen Andersen, Per Thomas Professor +47 22856954 +47 98425903 Nordic literature
Aspøy, Åshild Mogstad Doctoral Research Fellow 95146583
Picture of Cathrine Bjerknes Bjerknes, Cathrine Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Aasta Marie Bjorvand Bjørkøy Bjorvand Bjørkøy, Aasta Marie Head of Department +47-22856738 Nordic literature
Picture of Liv Bliksrud Bliksrud, Liv
Buerskogen, Linnea Eirin Timmermann Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Mads Breckan Claudi Claudi, Mads Breckan Associate Professor +47 22858216
Picture of Ståle Dingstad Dingstad, Ståle professor 94251 98694251 Norwegian Literature, Literary history, Book History, Ibsen studies, Hamsun
Picture of Marianne Egeland Egeland, Marianne Professor +47-22857938 Literature
Picture of Irene Engelstad Engelstad, Irene +47 90745898 Nordic literature, Naturalism, Amalie Skram, Contemporary Literature, Ethics
Picture of Sissel Furuseth Furuseth, Sissel Professor +47 22859153 + 47 92414651 Nordic literature, Cli-Fi, Ecocriticism, Literary Reception, Digital Humanities, Cognitive Poetics, Periodicals
Picture of Rinni Marliyana Haji Amran Haji Amran, Rinni Marliyana Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Ingeborg Rebecca Mjelde Helleberg Helleberg, Ingeborg Rebecca Mjelde Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46363911 46363911
Picture of Michela Iacorossi Iacorossi, Michela Doctoral Research Fellow +47 45171489 Multilingualism, Crosslinguistic influence, Third Language Acquisition
Picture of Heidi Karlsen Karlsen, Heidi Senior Lecturer +47 92453736 Digital Humanities, Discourse Analysis, Literary studies
Kleiva, Julie Sandberg Senior Lecturer
Picture of Ingeborg Ragnhild Kongslien Kongslien, Ingeborg Ragnhild +47 93431240
Kvam, Anna Serafima Svendsen Doctoral Research Fellow Scandinavian literature, Literature, Book History, Disability Studies, Doctoral fellowship
Leemhuis, Marianne Mosvold Doctoral Research Fellow Literature didactics, Literature and Democracy, Critical Discourse Analysis, Autobiographical Writing, Reader-Response Criticism, Emotions and Learning
Picture of Birgitte Furberg Moe Moe, Birgitte Furberg Doctoral Research Fellow Nordic literature, PhD, Literature
Picture of Gitte Mose Mose, Gitte Associate professor emeritus Nordic literature
Picture of Thorstein Norheim Norheim, Thorstein Professor +47 22858494 Nordic literature
Picture of Elisabeth Oxfeldt Oxfeldt, Elisabeth Professor +47 22856935 Nordic literature
Picture of Hans Kristian Strandstuen Rustad Rustad, Hans Kristian Strandstuen Professor +47 22857901 Nordic literature