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Language Use in Nordic Academic Settings (LUNAS)

The LUNAS-project is a Nordic network supported by The Nordplus Nordic Languages Programme. The project will develop academic corpora and word and phrase lists for Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

The network was active during the period 2013-2017.

About the group

The Nordic research network LUNAS was established in 2013. The goal of the network is to develop academic corpora and word and phrase lists for the three mainland Scandinavian languages. Corpora and lists will cover the part of the academic vocabulary that is common to all academic disciplines, or at least many of their subjects. The lists will not cover subject-specific terminology or general language.    

This initiative will support the use of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish language in research and teaching at all levels of the education system. Accessibility to parallel academic Scandinavian word and phrase lists will also diminish the need for  English as an academic Lingua Franca between students and researchers from the Nordic countries.


The Swedish network participants from the University of Gothenburg has already published an academic corpus and an academic word list:


The LUNAS network has received funding from The Nordplus Nordic Languages Programme for  the period 2013 up to 2017.

The Norwegian part of the project has not been fully funded, but a small grant from the research committee at the ILN and a small contribution from the Text Laboratory, ILN, have made it possible to compile an academic list for Bokmål with 750 words as a start. A Nynorsk list still lacks funding.

Read more about the list and the project


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