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General inquiries

If you contact us by e-mail or by phone with questions that demands that we check you out in the UiO system, you must, due to privacy concerns, inform us of the following: 

To arrange for a meeting with a study advisor, contact the relevant person in the list below. 

Study adviser:

Kathrine Kjellmann Brachel

Study adviser:

Britt Marie Forsudd

  • Research education, PhD courses
  • Student exchange

Study adviser:

Gunnhild Ulfsrud

office: Henrik Wergelands hus, 522

  • Linguistics Bachelor and Master
  • Honours-programme


  • Rhetoric and Linguistic Communication

Study adviser:

Karianne Risvik Johnsen

  • Viking and Medieval Studies
  • Runology
  • Old Norse
  • Ibsen Studies

Study adviser:

Nina Kulsrud

Scandinavian and Norwegian literature.

These courses are offered in English:

  • NOR1403 Norwegian World Literature (autumn semester)
  • NOR2415 Contemporary Scandinavian Film (spring semester)

Study adviser:

Linn Astrid Blix Torget (on leave)

  • On leave
  • study adviser for linguistics and Norwegian as a second language acquisition

Study adviser:

Margrethe M. Pedersen

  • Study advisor for the  NOAS-programmes (Norwegian as a second language acquisition)
  • NOR1100
  • RETKOM1102

Knutepunktet - International Student Reception

Visiting Address

Lucy Smiths hus

Problemveien 9, Ground floor.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 10 -15


(+47) 22 85 82 00


International Student Reception