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Examination results and diplomas

Examination results

Candidates who are required to undergo an oral examination following thesis submission will be informed of their grade on the same day as their oral examination. Other candidates will receive their results on StudentWeb within 8 weeks.

Other guidelines might apply for those studying part time. Contact your student adviser if you are not sure what applies to you.

Appeal about grades

You can submit an appeal about your grades for all written examinations. You cannot submit an appeal about oral or practical examinations, since the performance is not documented for future purposes.


Diplomas are prepared by the Examination Office at the Faculty of Humanities and will be sent out by post after the examination results have been announced. During periods of high demand this process may take some time, but the estimate is 2–8 weeks. Unless you have made other arrangements with the Examination Office, your diploma will be sent to your semester address registered in StudentWeb.

If you have any questions about your diploma, please contact the Examination Office by e-mail:

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