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Submission of Master´s Thesis

Guidelines for submission of a master´s thesis at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN)

On the day of submitting the thesis

1. Upload to DUO (via Studentweb)

You must upload your Master's thesis to DUO – Digital Publications at UiO. Please follow the user's guide to submitting a Master's thesis in DUO.

2. Submit online in Inspera. 

You must also submit your Master's thesis in Inspera. The deadline for submitting the thesis in Inspera is at 15:00 on the day of submission. Guidelines for submission in Inspera can be found here.

3. Fill out the online form "Submission of Thesis/Issuance of Diploma"

The form in English

Printing at Graphic center (formerly known as Reprosentralen)

All master's students are entitled to have their thesis printed free of charge at the Graphic center, subject to any restrictions provided for by prevailing departmental rules. The procedure is as follows:

  • ILN will pay for the printing of 3 copies of your thesis for your own personal use.
  • Contact your Study advisor for the codes needed to order from Graphic center.
  • Once you have received the codes, you may order your printed copies at any time. You are responsible for placing the actual order. Before you order you should get familiar with Graphic center's guidelines for printing of thesis.
  • If you want to request extra copies that are not covered by ILN's guidelines (e.g., more than one colour page or additional copies), you can make an agreement with the Graphic center and pay the additional cost yourself.
  • Graphic center requires 3 to 4 working days to print your thesis. You are responsible for placing the order and for collecting the printed copies from Graphic center.

Restricting access to you Master`s thesis

In certain cases, if a thesis is subject to restrictions it will not be available online. The extent to which access is restricted will depend on whether the restriction is in place due to a statutory duty of confidentiality or for other reasons.

Any restrictions that you wish to place on access to your thesis must be authorised in advance by ILN (consult your student advisor).

You will also have an option, when uploading your thesis to DUO, to prevent electronic access to your thesis. If you select this option only the summary will be accessible online. In either case (i.e., your thesis is subject to a formal restriction or you have opted to prevent electronic access), you must submit the full version of your thesis.

Please read information about restricting access in DUO at University of Oslo Library`pages.

Deadlines for submission

The final deadline for handing in your Master's thesis:

  • 60 credits: 15th of November / 15th of May
  • 30 credits: 15th of December / 1st of June

The thesis must be handed in to the department by 15.00 pm. If the deadline for submission falls on a public holiday, the deadline will be postponed to the next working day.

The department will not accept master`s thesis handed in after the deadline for submission in the current semester, unless there is an agreement with your student advisor. Please read the Examinations office pages about what happens if you are ill.

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