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Phone +47 22854872
Room NT 730
Visiting address Niels Treschows hus (730)
Postal address Postboks 1003 Blindern 0315 OSLO

I am the convenor of the research and education initiative, Literature, Cognition and Emotions (LCE). LCE is an interdisciplinary hub that brings together literary studies, linguistics, psychology and neurosciences in a new conversation about literature.

In 2019, I was awarded the first University of Oslo's Young Researchers Prize.

CV Kukkonen

Academic interests

Narratology; Poetics; Eighteenth-Century Literature; Comics and Graphic Novels; Cognitive Literary Study

Ongoing research

Reading Habits During the COVID-19 Pandemic (LCE) (pdf)

Creativity and Contingency (pdf)

Earlier Projects

Probability Designs: Literature and Predictive Processing (pdf)

How the Novel Found its Feet: Embodiment in Eighteenth-Century Fiction

A Prehistory of Cognitive Poetics: Neoclassicism and the Novel

For more on my research and publications, see my profiles on Academia.edu, ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

Courses taught

LIT1302  Vestens litteratur 1700-1900

LIT4340A/LIT4340B Litterært tekststudium I: Mimesis

LIT4310A/LIT4310B Litteraturteoretisk studium I: Cognitive Literary Study

LIT2340  Sjangerstudium: The Makings of a Genre: The Eighteenth-Century Novel

LIT2300  Litteraturtheoretisk emne: The Theory and History of Reading

Tags: Comparative Literature, Narratology, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Comics and Graphic Novels, Cognitive Poetics


Kukkonen, Karin. (2020). "The Speed of Plot: Narrative Acceleration and Deceleration" Orbis Litterarum 75(2): 73-85. Read the article here.

Kukkonen, Karin. (2020). Probability Designs: Literature and Predictive Processing. Oxford University Press.

Kukkonen, Karin. (2019). 4E Cognition and Eighteenth-Century Fiction: How the Novel Found its Feet. Oxford University Press.

Kukkonen, Karin (2017). A Prehistory of Cognitive Poetics. Neoclassicism and the Novel. Oxford University Press.

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  • Kukkonen, Karin (2019). Exploring Inner Perceptions: Interoception, Literature and Mindfulness. Journal of Consciousness Studies.  ISSN 1355-8250.  26(11-12), s 107- 132 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Kukkonen, Karin (2019). Handlung und Handlungslogik -- Frühe Neuzeit, I: Eva von Contzen & Stefan Tilg (red.),  Handbuch Historische Narratologie.  Verlag J. B. Metzler.  ISBN 978-3-476-04713-7.  Chapter 24.  s 262 - 271
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  • Kukkonen, Karin (2019). The Literary Designer Environments of Eighteenth-Century Jesuit Poetics, In Miranda Anderson; George Rousseau & Michael Wheeler (ed.),  Distributed Cognition in Enlightenment and Romantic Culture.  Edinburgh University Press.  ISBN 978-1-4744-4228-2.  Article.  s 187 - 203
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  • Kukkonen, Karin (2020). Probability Designs: Literature and Predictive Processing. Oxford University Press.  ISBN 9780190050955.  225 s.
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  • Kukkonen, Karin (2021). Review of Improbability, Chance and the Nineteenth-Century Realist Novel by Adam Grener.. Review19.
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  • Kukkonen, Karin (2016). Reading Revolutions.
  • Kukkonen, Karin (2016). The Return of Astrea.
  • Kukkonen, Karin & Østby, Ylva (2016). Literature and Cognition. A Conversation..
  • Schimanski, Johan Henrik; Körber, Lill-Ann; Kukkonen, Karin & Espiñeira, Keina (2016). Are Borders Fictions? A film showing and a conversation. Show summary

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