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Linguistics and Poetics

The research group explores theoretical and methodological aspects of the study of verbal art.

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Bergen Public Library, detail of the façade.

Photo: Vasily Maslov

About the group

Linguistics and Poetics research group brings together scholars and advanced students who are interested in intersections between research on language (prosody, meter, lexicon, syntax) and a variety of approaches to textual media subsumed under theoretical and historical poetics.

The group is animated by the promise of philology as a synthetic discipline that unites linguistics and historically informed work on texts and cultural forms.

Taking its name from a key publication of Roman Jakobson, who spent some time at the University of Oslo before World War II, the group, in the Jakobsonian spirit, is open to a wide range of topics that can help us advance theoretically and empirically rigorous understanding of linguistic and literary structures.

The group is based in the Classics section at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas (IFIKK) and meets approximately once every month to discuss work-in-progress, new relevant publications, and presentations by members of the group or invited scholars.


Historical poetics: An online resource (google.sites)


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