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Research groups

The research group Children and Youth in a History of Ideas Perspective studies conceptions of children and youth and ideas about how children and youth should be educated, raised, shaped or engaged, in European and Norwegian history.

Traditionally concerned with the principles of valid inference, contemporary logic is a diverse and interdisciplinary field unified by a common core in formal logic.

A glass sphere warps light - optical illusion

Oslo Mind Group is a research network for people in the Oslo area that work on the philosophy of mind and related areas.

The Philosophy and Life Science Research Group brings together researchers who work at the intersection of philosophy and the life sciences broadly conceived.

The Practical Philosophy Group is a network for research cooperation within four fields: Political and Legal Philosophy, Applied and Normative Ethics, History of Ethics and Political Philosophy, and Metaethics and Moral Psychology.

Erechtheion temple on acropolis, Athens, Greece

We study ancient philosophy from the Pre-Socratics through the Classical and Hellenistic periods down to Late Antiquity and the Early Christian era.