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Layout and formal requirements

The department does not have a thesis template, but we do have a list of formal requirements and general layout recommendations.

Proposed layout for an ILOS master's thesis

  • Title page: thesis title, institution (ILOS, HF, UiO), subject, ECTS, candidate’s name, supervisor’s name, year, semester. Click here for templates for the title page.
  • Abstract (voluntary as part of the thesis text, but must be submitted along with the thesis)
  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of contents
  • Thesis text
  • Bibliography/references
  • Appendices (if applicable)

Formatting and layout tips

There are some formatting and layout guidelines for your thesis. These have been created to ensure that the format is reader friendly. Choose the same font for all parts of the document. The most common is Times New Roman, size 12. Pages should have a 2.5-3 centimeter margin and 1.5 line spacing.

It is recommended to make use of Word’s template set up for table of contents, sections, page numbers, footnotes, and references. Using a template from the beginning makes it easier to keep track of your volume of text.

It may also be useful to have a look at previously submitted theses within your field of study.

The university library and The academic writing centre offer courses and other resources to help you

  • find research and other literature relevant to your project
  • improve your academic writing and text structuring skills
  • write more efficiently, i.e. by using reference managers and Word templates

Formal requirements

A 60 credit thesis should consist of between 80 and 100 pages. A 30 credit thesis should usually consist of between 30 and 50 pages. These page number requirements do not include appendices and bibliographies, etc. A standard page is 2,300 characters excluding spaces. Check the course page for your master's thesis for exact page number requirements and other requirements specific to your field, if any.

It is important that you use souces and citations correctly in your thesis.

The thesis course page will also give you information about what language(s) you can use when writing your thesis. The title page, abstract, table of content, etc. is usually written in the same language as the rest of the thesis.

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