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Grading and oral examination


The Master’s Thesis is graded by an exam commission with one internal and one external grader.

ILOS has a common grade description that is the same for all subjects. If your subject has a specific grade description in addition to the common one, you will find that on the course page for your thesis course. 

The grading deadline for the Master’s thesis is 8 weeks after submission.

If you have an oral exam, this must also take place within the 8 week grading period.

Assessment guidelines

Below you will find the assessment guidelines for Master’s theses at ILOS. These outline what the grading commission should look for, when grading the theses.

Assessment guidelines 60 ECTS

Assessment guidelines 30 ECTS with an oral exam

Assessment guidelines 30 ECTS without an oral exam

Oral examination

Students writing a 60 credit thesis will have an oral exam.

For students writing a 30 credit thesis, the following applies: The oral exam is voluntary for those who were admitted to the program in 2020 or earlier. The oral exam is obligatory for those who were admitted to the program in 2021 and after.

How the oral exam is held

For Autumn 2021, the oral exam will preferably be held in calendar weeks 49 and 50, but some may be held earlier or later.

You will be informed of your commission, as well as time and place for your oral exam in an e-mail.

No later than two working days before your oral exam, you will receive an e-mail telling you that your preliminary thesis grade is available in StudentWeb. It’s then up to you if you want to know the grade before going into your oral exam.

The oral exam starts with the student giving a short presentation of the thesis (5–10 minutes). The student may bring notes, but is not meant to use PowerPoint etc. Then the examiners ask questions relating to the thesis, i.e., about structure, method or use of theory. The graders are only supposed to ask questions about the thesis, and not about other courses included in the grade. The oral exam lasts approximately 30 minutes in total.

After the exam, the student will leave the room, and the examiners discuss whether the final grade will be the same as the preliminary or adjusted. When the examiners have agreed, the student enter the room again and the examiners announce the final grade.

You will receive a written explanation of the grade via e-mail.

Master’s thesis without an oral exam

You will receive an e-mail when the grade is available in Studentweb.

You will receive a written explanation of the grade via e-mail.


The diploma is issued by the Faculty of Humanities, and will be sent to you in the mail. It may take up to 8 weeks after the final grade in your degree has been published, before you receive the diploma.


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