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Grading and oral examination


The master's thesis is evaluated and graded by one external and one internal grader. It will be evaluated by a description of grades and grading guidelines found on your master's thesis course page.

The grade will be published in Studentweb within 8 weeks after the submission date. You will receive an e-mail from the exam advisor when the result is ready.

Oral examination

Do I have to take the oral exam?

All students admitted to their master's program from the 2015 fall semester and onwards, registering for a 60 credit thesis at ILOS from the 2016 spring semester or later, have to take an obligatory oral exam after submitting the master's thesis. For full time students, this means that the thesis is followed by an oral exam from the 2017 spring semester and onwards. For students admitted to their master's program before the 2015 fall semester, the oral exam is optional.

There is no oral examination for 30 credit theses.

Organisation of the oral exam

In the 2020 spring semester, the oral exams will be scheduled for weeks 25 and 26.

You will be notified by your exam advisor about your commission and the time and place for the oral exam. You will get an e-mail when the preliminary grade for your thesis is registred in Studentweb, at the latest two work days before the oral exam. It is up to you to decide if you want to check your preliminary grade before the oral exam or not.

The oral exam usually takes place in a video conference room. The internal grader and yourself are present in the room, while the external grader participates via video conference. In the first par of the exam, you give a short presentation of your thesis (5-10 minutes). You may bring notes, but you are not meant to use Powerpoint etc. In the next part of the exam, the graders ask you questions about the thesis, i.e. about structure, method or use of theory. The graders are ony supposed to ask you questions about the thesis, and not other courses in your degree etc. The oral exam lasts approximately 30 minutes.

After the oral exam is finished, you leave the room and wait outside while the graders discuss your final grade. The graders decide if your performance in the oral exam makes it necessary for them to make any adjustments to the preliminary grade you got on your thesis. You can either keep this grade, get a lower grader or get a higher grade. When the graders have agreed, you enter the room again and the graders announce your final grade. Only the final grade is registred on your master's degree diploma.

You will receive a written explanation for the final grade by post. Make sure your address is registered correctly in Studentweb.

Thesis with no oral exam

You will receive an e-mail from your exam advisor when the final grade is published in Studentweb.

You will receive a written explanation for the final grade by post.


Your final master's degree diploma is issued by the Faculty of humanities exam office and sent to you by post. It may not be issued until 8 weeks after the final grade has been registred.


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