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Writing a master's thesis at ILOS

This web page collects useful practical information about writing a master's thesis at ILOS.

How do I choose a topic?

Examples of topics that other students have chosen for their theses

How do I get a supervisor?

After you complete your thesis proposal course, you will be assigned a supervisor.

Layout and formal requirements

The department has compiled a list of formal requirements and general layout recommendations.

Submitting your thesis

All the information you need in order to turn in your thesis.

Grading and oral examination

All the information you need about grading.

Student funds

This information is available in Norwegian only.

Reading room

The ILOS master's student reading room is located at the 8th floor in the Niels Treschow building.

Reading room seats are usually allocated by the ILOS student council (information available in Nowergian only).

Are you writing your thesis at ILOS? Keep an eye out for information about the reading room in your student inbox!

Who do I contact?

Who can answer questions about your thesis?