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Submitting your thesis

Submission deadlines

For 60 ECTS theses: 15 September or 15 November in the autumn semester and 15 February or 15 May in the spring semester.

For 30 ECTS theses: 15 September or 15 December in the autumn semester and 15 February or 1 June in the spring semester.

If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or other public holiday (such as Whit Monday), the deadline will be pushed to the following workday.

You can submit your thesis at any time throughout the semester. Grading is administered four times per year, after the deadlines listed above.

You must remember to register and pay the semester fee before the deadline in the semester you are submitting your thesis.

How to submit the thesis

Submitting in Studentweb and in Inspera

By the given deadline you must submit your thesis electronically through both Studentweb and Inspera. The thesis must be submitted as a PDF.

Instructions on how to submit your thesis in Inspera.

Instructions on how to submit your thesis in Studentweb.

You must write an abstract/summary of your thesis to submit with it in Studentweb. The abstract should communicate the most important research results in your thesis, and should be directed towards audiences outside the University. You can choose the language of the abstract yourself.

Restricting access to you thesis in DUO

If you wish to, you can restrict the access to your thesis in DUO. This means that others cannot see or check out your thesis from the library for a certain period without requesting it from you. Most candidates do not restrict the access to their thesis.

Diploma issuance form

When you submit your thesis, you must also submit a diploma form to the Faculty of Humanities. The form is meant to inform the Faculty about which courses are part of your degree. Students in Lektorprogrammet do not need to turn in this form.

The form is digital, and can be found here.


Should you need a short extension due to acute illness or other valid reasons around the time of the deadline, you can apply for that via an online form found here. The application must contain documentation of your illness or other reason.

From Autumn 2021, we no longer grant special extensions related to the Covid-19 situation.

Any extension requests beyond 14 days will not be granted.

If you are delayed any further, you must apply for an extra/final semester.

The deadlines for applying for an extra/final semester are June 1st and December 1st for the following semester.


As of spring 2020, you no longer need to submit physical copies of you thesis to the department. If you want to, you can have a few physical copies printed up for private use.

ILOS covers the cost of 4 printed copies of your thesis. If you would like to have more than 4 copies of your thesis, you must specify that with Graphic center (formerly known as Reprosentralen) and pay for your extra copies directly to them. The department also pays for up to 3 pages printed with color per copy. Any color-printed pages beyond that, you must pay for yourself.

If you choose to print your thesis at Graphic center (UiO’s printer), you have to turn it in electronically here. Specify location code ("stedkode") 14300000 and budget code ("delprosjekt") 103016001

In order to avoid the text changing during printing, you must submit the thesis as a PDF file. See advice on printing from Graphic center and instructions on how to create a PDF file.

Graphic center is located below the Akademika book store, with the entrance at the back of the building. You can pick-up you thesis there. Their opening hours and contact information is available on their web sites. Due to Covid-19, it may be a good idea to contact Graphic center in advance for guidance in 2020.

You can use a different printing service than Graphic center. If you do, you will have to cover the printing cost yourself, and the expense will not be refunded by the department.

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