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Oslo Death Network

ODN is an interdisciplinary research network in death studies.

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Our capacity to reflect on the finite nature of human existence conditions how we perceive ourselves and our values, and such reflection motivates our actions to a much greater degree than is commonly acknowledged. We are normally inclined to suppress thoughts and anxieties about death, as these are overwhelmingly associated with negative feelings; yet, an awareness and acceptance of the inevitability of death nurtures positive values and actions and leads to a better quality of life. 


Oslo Death Network has participants from across a range of fields, including medicine, psychology, philosophy, musicology and the arts. 

Forthcoming publication: Peter Edwards and Uta Sailer, "Death in Music and Music in Death: Reflections on Mortality and Listening in the Performances of Marino Formenti" in Music & Death, ed. Wolfgang Marx (Boydell and Brewer). 



Tags: musicology, philosophy, medicine
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