Creative Computing Hub Oslo (C2HO) Hackathon 2022

Do you want to take part in the C2HO Hackathon 2022?


Photo: Andy Kropa

C2HO is an interdisciplinary community involved in the field of creative computing, a field that lives at the intersection between the creative arts and computing. 

The challenge of the C2HO Hackathon 2022 is to generate a visual or sonic artwork using code. The produced work should represent the C2HO in some way, providing an audio or visual identity for the network (e.g. a static or dynamic visual logo, a sonic logo, or a combination of these).

You can use any programming language/framework you like, but it is required that the code can execute in a browser. Javascript offers some fantastic frameworks such as P5.js and Three.js, but for those of you more comfortable with other languages, it’s also worth checking out Jupyter notebooks, which allow you to run Python, Ruby and Scala code directly in a browser. Alternatively you can use one of the many online compilers, given that it allows you to render/export the generated artwork. For those that want to work with Jupyter notebooks, there are some great creative coding examples here.


  • The hackathon is open to everyone!
  • Teams can consist of between 1 to 4 members
  • Code must run in a browser
  • Results must be presented in person at C2HO opening event

Your code/artwork will be featured on the C2HO website, so a Creative Commons or equivalent license is required. You retain full ownership of your work.


There will be 6000 NOK in cash prizes, with individuals from winning teams receiving a voucher worth 500 NOK each. Other finalists will receive UiO t-shirts.


To register, fill out this form before 20th August 2022. Registered teams will receive further instructions via email.


  • Preliminary information to registered teams 
  • Registration closes Sunday 21st August 2022 6:00pm
  • Hackathon kick-off, Monday 22th August 9:15am (Informatics Library or Zoom)
  • Midway checkpoint and mentoring, Tuesday 23rd August 11:00am - 12:00pm (Zoom)
  • Submission deadline, Wednesday 24th August 6:00pm (online)
  • Assessment of submitted works, Thursday 25th August 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Announcement of finalists, winners and award ceremony during the C2HO Opening Event, Thursday 25th August 2:00pm-4:00pm (UiO Science Library)


If you have any questions, or require any further information, please contact Stephen Gardener

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