Research events

Upcoming 5 days

today Nov.
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Time and place: Nov. 13, 2019 12:15 PM1:00 PM, RITMO's common area

Tejaswinee Kelkar, PhD student at RITMO, will give a talk on Melody and Body Movement. 

14 Nov.
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Time and place: Nov. 14, 2019 4:00 PM6:00 PM, Room 338, 3rd floor of the ZEB-building

Today, we are going to answer the question of what do postmodernism and metamodernism bring to the musicological table.

Further upcoming events

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Time and place: Nov. 20, 2019 12:15 PM1:00 PM, RTIMO's Common Area

Dr. Vinoo Alluri from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad will give a talk on dynamic music processing in the brain. 

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Time and place: Nov. 21, 2019 12:15 PM2:00 PM, Salen, ZEB

Jocelyne Guilbault (University of California, Berkeley) will be visiting us giving a talk on Party Music, Affect, and the Politics of Modernity. All welcome!

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Time and place: Nov. 25, 2019 10:15 AM, Forsamlingssalen, Harald Schjelderups hus

Master Tejaswinee Kelkar ved Institutt for musikkvitenskap  vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d.: Computational Analysis of Melodic Contour and Body Movement.

Time and place: Nov. 25, 2019 3:15 PM4:15 PM, Ground floor, Humanities and Social Sciences Library in Georg Sverdrups hus

Music is seen as the most immaterial of the arts, and recorded music as a progress of dematerialization—an evolution from physical discs to invisible digits. In Decomposed, Kyle Devine offers another perspective.

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Time and place: Nov. 27, 2019 12:15 PM1:00 PM, RITMO's common area

PhD student Scott Bannister from Durham University (UK) will have a talk on Two Types of Musical Chills: Theories of Vigilance and Social Bonding.