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Tid og sted: 1. apr. 2020 12:1513:00, Zoom

Postdoctoral researcher Carlos Eduardo Cancino-Chacón is a guest researcher at RITMO from the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence. He will gave a talk on "Modeling Expressive Performance with Machine Learning"

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Tid og sted: 6. apr. 2020 17:0019:00, Workshopen holdes digitalt

I denne workshopen går vi praktisk til verks med å lage et instrument som gir deg randomiserte trommebeats i programvaren Max/MSP. Du trenger ikke å ha kjennskap til programmet fra før. Workshopene er gratis, krever ingen forkunnskaper og er åpne for jenter/kvinner/ikke-binære.

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Tid og sted: 20. apr. 2020 13:1515:00, Salen, ZEB

We would like to invite you all to the Research Seminar with special guest Paul Rekret that will be talking about The Streaming Platform and Cultural Form

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Tid og sted: 22. apr. 2020 12:1513:00, RITMO's Common area

The talk has been cancelled because of the increasing health safety concerns about COVID 19 and related travel restrictions.

Professor Dor Abrahamson from the University of California Berkeley will give a talk on "Cultivating the Emergence of Perceptual Structures Facilitating Dexterity: Mathematics as Conceptual Choreography".

Tid og sted: 22. apr. 2020 13:0017:00, Vilhelm Bjerknes hus, Blindern

How do researchers prepare for a large data collection in a public venue? During this MusicTestLab, RITMO researchers will try out setups before the big MusicLab Copenhagen.

From NM 2018
Tid og sted: 27. apr. 2020 10:0029. apr. 2020 17:00, Oslo Congress Centre, Youngs gate 21

Can you stand still for 7 minutes? Then you can become the new European Champion of Standstill, and win a gift card worth NOK 1000,-.