Instructions Concerning Exam Submissions at IMK

The exam questions will be published on the semester page for the subject at 11:00 on the day of the exam. If you run into problems, should it be with the submission process, candidate number, and so forth, contact the Department at

Important information regarding examination

  • Information about time and location of exams is located on the semester pages for each subject, under ‘Examinations and forms of assessment’.
  • You can find general guidelines on illness at the exam, obtaining a diploma, applying for a leave of absence and so on, on the examination pages.
  • The Department does not give deadline extensions on 3-day take-home exams due to acute illness. If you become ill during a 3-day take-home exam, you may apply for a postponed exam. Please note that this requires:

    • a doctor's note (legeerklæring), including the date and your full name and date of birth. It must also include the doctor's signature and stamp.

    • a short application stating your full name and student number, and the exam you are applying to have postponed. 

    • The application and documentation must be postmarked no later than 3 days after the end of the exam.

All submissions

  • Candidates get their own candidate number approx. two weeks before each exam. Candidate numbers are published on the Student Web (under ‘Registrations’). It is not allowed to use your name on the exam. Using candidate numbers gives the students anonymity.
  • How you are supposed to submit your exam will be indicated in the semester page. Most courses in the Department of Media and Communication (IMK) use electronic exam submission via Fronter, while some courses also require that students submit their exam in person.

Plagiarism/ cheating

The Department of Media and Communication uses Ephorus to detect and prevent plagiarism. The consequences for plagiarism can be up to two semesters of suspension from the University.

Please read this section about cheating.

Electronic submissions (Fronter)

  • The name of the document must be your candidate number.
  • Submit in PDF format (xxxxxx.pdf).

Submission in person (NB - only in some subjects)

  • Exams are to be delivered at IMK between 10:00 and 11:00 on the last date of the take home exam. The exam must also be submitted in Fronter by 11:00 on the last day of the exam.
  • We require two stapled copies of the exam.
  • Remember to bring your ID.

Note: If you have to submit your exam in person, this will be specified on the semester page.


NOTE: Late submissions will not be accepted. It is not possible to change your answers or supply additional material after submission, so it is smart to be early. Allow for unforeseen problems like computer delays, delayed buses and uncooperative printers.


Exam format:

  • The front page must contain your candidate number, the subject name and code and date/semester.
  • Papers in 10 credit courses normally equal 10 written pages at 2300 characters (no spaces). The front page and bibliography are not included in these pages.
  • The line spacing should be 1,5 with a font size of 12
  • References are either included in the text or placed in the bottom of the page as footnotes
  • We do not accept hand-written answers.
  • Remember to insert page numbers.

Grading, explanations and complaints:

  • Grades are normally issued three weeks after the submission date. The date is written on the exam paper.
  • The exam results are published on your student web.
  • Explanation requests must be sent to within one - 1 - week after the examination results are published.
  • Appeals must be sent to the Faculty og Humanities within three weeks after the grade is announced or three weeks after you receive the explanation.
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