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Picture of Mona Abdel-Fadil Abdel-Fadil, Mona Postdoktor +47-22850425 Media, Religion, Social anthropology, Islam, Gender Studies, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Picture of Sigurd Allern Allern, Sigurd professor emeritus Media and communication, Journalism, Political communication
Picture of Jørgen Alnæs Alnæs, Jørgen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850428 48118212
Picture of Cristina Archetti Archetti, Cristina Professor +47-22850463 +47-90524868 Political communication, Journalism, Media and extremism/terrorism, Strategic communication, Social media, Media Use and Users
Picture of Elisabeth Brun Brun, Elisabeth Doctoral Research Fellow +47 47 654 087 Documentary, Photography, TV, Rhetoric, Practice as research, Film theory, Media innovation, Social theory, Narrative theory, Media aesthetics, Philosophy
Picture of Synne Tollerud Bull Bull, Synne Tollerud Doctoral Research Fellow 40049366 +47 40049366 Media Aesthetics, Media Archeology, Film theory, Film history, Art and Technology, Contemporary Art
Picture of Terje Colbjørnsen Colbjørnsen, Terje Postdoktor +47-22850469 99565890
Cubitt, Sean Professor II
Picture of Hans Fredrik Dahl Dahl, Hans Fredrik Professor emeritus +47-22850431 Media and communication, Media history, Rhetoric, Media aesthetics
Eggen, Elisabeth Quarré Adviser +47-22850409 Research support, Research administration, Project assistance, Organized research training
Picture of Ingeborg Fauske Ekdahl Ekdahl, Ingeborg Fauske Higher Executive Officer +47-22850407
Picture of Gunn Enli Enli, Gunn Professor +47-22850435 91172952 Political communication, Media Policy and Regulation, Media history, Television and New Media, Social media, Reality TV
Ervik, Andreas Nilsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Charles Melvin Ess Ess, Charles Melvin Professor +47-22850404 media and communication, digital media ethics, internet research ethics, democratization, religion online, cross-cultural approaches
Picture of Frank Esser Esser, Frank Professor II Political communication
Picture of Anders Fagerjord Fagerjord, Anders Associate Professor +47-22850411 Digital Humanities, Media and communication, Social media, Media innovation, media technology, Mobile media, Design Studies
Picture of Jon Inge Faldalen Faldalen, Jon Inge Lecturer Media and communication, Media aesthetics, History of film, Television fiction, Television aesthetics, Film theory
Picture of Annie Fee Fee, Annie Postdoctoral Fellow Film history, silent film, feminist film history, media aesthetics, visual culture, film theory, French film, American film history, Cinephilia
Picture of Ragnhild Fjellro Fjellro, Ragnhild Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Liv Hausken Hausken, Liv Professor +47-22850436 Media and Communication, Media Aesthetics, Photography, Film theory, Text theory, Television fiction
Picture of Katerina Houben Houben, Katerina Adviser +47-22850445 48193789 Events, User Support, Guest Registration, Internal Communication, Recruitment
Picture of Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk Ihlebæk, Karoline Andrea Researcher +47-22840759 +4791560837
Picture of Øyvind Ihlen Ihlen, Øyvind Professor +47-22850422 Political communication, Journalism, Strategic communication
Picture of Anne Jerslev Jerslev, Anne Professor II +45 35 32 81 11
Picture of Haakon Berg Johnsen Johnsen, Haakon Berg Avdelingsleder +47-22850433 Examination, Courses, Student guidance
Picture of Yngvar Kjus Kjus, Yngvar Forsker +47-22858790 +47-92084733 Media and communication, Media innovation, Music and Media, Popular culture, Technologies and Media
Koch, Gertrud Margrethe Professor II
Picture of Arne Krumsvik Krumsvik, Arne Instituttleder +47-22850405 +47-91586575
Picture of Steffen Krüger Krüger, Steffen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850442 digital culture, media and communication, psychosocial studies, Social media, Media aesthetics, Political communication
Picture of Lucy Küng Küng, Lucy Professor II
Picture of Gunnar Liestøl Liestøl, Gunnar Professor +47-22850439 Mobile media, Augmented Reality, Location–based media, Rhetoric, Narratology, Digital Design
Picture of Knut Lundby Lundby, Knut Professor +47-22840704 +47-90083803 Media and religion, Freedom of speech and democracy
Picture of Marika Lüders Lüders, Marika Førsteamanuensis +47-22850415 Media and communication, social media, Media innovation, HCI, user experience
Picture of Anders Lysne Lysne, Anders +47-22850426 98824783 Film theory, Film history, Media history, Popular culture, Media aesthetics
Picture of Tijana Milosevic Milosevic, Tijana Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840597 Social media, Media and communication, Media use among children and adolescents, Democracy and freedom of expression in the media, Media Policy and Regulation, Media innovation, Political communication
Picture of Maria Moseng Moseng, Maria Doctoral Research Fellow 45066171 Dokumentarfilm, Visuell kultur, Filmteori, Kulturell hukommelse, Media and communication, Media aesthetics, media technology, Film TV og radio
Picture of Arnt Maasø Maasø, Arnt Associate professor +47-22850419 +47-41420825 Streaming services, Music and media, Social media, TV, media technology, Media innovation, Mobile media
Naguleswaran, Kalaivani Higher Executive Officer +47-22859864 Invoices, Purchasing, Accounts
Picture of Aina Nessøe Nessøe, Aina Head of Office +47-22859197 +47-90610786
Picture of Niamh Ni Bhroin Ni Bhroin, Niamh Postdoktor +47-45410967 +47-45410967 Media Innovation, Social Media-Innovation, Media and communication, Social media, Convergence, Children and Media, Minority Languages, Participation, Media Use and Users, Research Methods, Research Ethics
Picture of Lene Pettersen Pettersen, Lene Lecturer 41135061
Picture of Banafsheh Ranji Ranji, Banafsheh Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850430 Political communication, Journalism, digital media
Picture of Terje Rasmussen Rasmussen, Terje Professor +47-22850441 Media and communication, Internet, Ethics, Social Theory, Journalism, Consumption, Media history, media technology, Political communication, Freedom of speech and democracy
Picture of Gry Cecilie Rustad Rustad, Gry Cecilie Postdoctoral Fellow TV, Film, Media aesthetics, Media innovation, Media and communication
Picture of Kjetil Rødje Rødje, Kjetil Førstelektor Media aesthetics, Film theory, Film history, Media Use and Users, Affect theory, Media and violence, Visual Culture
Picture of Helge Rønning Rønning, Helge Professor Emeritus +47-90023561 Media and communication, Media aesthetics, Freedom of speech and democracy in the media
Picture of Kristin Lømo Sandberg Sandberg, Kristin Lømo Konsulent +47-22850402 Reception, Invoices, Voucher, Mail and postage, Purchasing
Picture of Linn Sandberg Sandberg, Linn Doctoral Research Fellow Political communication, Social media, Political theory
Picture of Iris Beau Segers Segers, Iris Beau Doctoral Research Fellow Political communication, immigration, Social media, Democracy and freedom of expression in the media, media technology, right-wing politics
Picture of Eli Skogerbø Skogerbø, Eli Professor +47-22850429 90561275 +47 90561275 Media and communication, Social media