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Rasmussen works in the overlapping field of political sociology and media studies with particular emphasis on political theory, political and historical sociology, and digital media. Rasmussen’s background is in sociology. He is educated at the University of Bergen, The University of Oslo, and the University of California (UCSC). He has been guest professor at Wollongong University, Oxford University, and The European Institute in Florence. At the Department of media and communication (IMK), he has been Head of department, Head of Phd studies, and Head of research. Rasmussen teaches and organizes research activity on the use and transformation of digital personal media in social networks, the sociological controversies that influence the Internet as a social force, and on transformations of the European public sphere. He is the author and editor of several books on digital media, ethics, journalism and political sociology, amongst them Social Theory and Communication Technology (Ashgate, 2000); Digital Media Revisited : Theoretical and Conceptual Innovation in Digital Domains. The MIT Press, 2003. (edited with Gunnar Liestøl and Andrew Morrison), and Personal Media and Everyday Life, A Networked Lifeworld. Palgrave Macmillan 2014. His last book is Offentlig parlamentarisme – politisk strid og offentlig mening 1945-2000 on the post-war transformation of the Norwegian public sphere. 

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Scholarly areas of interest: sociology, social theory, political theory, media studies, political communication, studies of the Internet and digital media.

Tags: Media and communication, Internet, Ethics, Social Theory, Journalism, Consumption, Media history, media technology, Political communication, Freedom of speech and democracy
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