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Born in 1955. Studies at the University of Bergen (Social Anthropology), Trondheim (Nordic Litterature and Languages, History, Drama/Theatre and Film) and at Ohio University in the USA (Film Studies). Finished in 1985 with a Master in Film Studies (Cand. Philol) at the Department of Drama Film and Theatre at the University of Trondheim. High School teacher for two years before I became research fellow at The Department of Media and Communication at The University of Oslo.

Doctoral thesis on the historical development of the unique municipal cinema system of Norway. Leader of the National Association of Media Researchers in Norway 1994 – 1997. Visiting scholar at The University of California, Santa Barbara 2001. Member of the Research group at the Norwegian Film Institute, to day at the National Library of Norway.

Published books and articles in the field of Film Studies with an emphasis on Norwegian film history, and on film analysis, theory and history.

Teaching and courses

Film history, film theory, film aesthetics, third world cinema (alternative film), textual analysis, popular culture, media history, Film and TV analysis, and Film and cultural politics.


  • Norwegian film history.
  • Modern Norwegian cinema institution.
  • The aesthetics of moving images.
Tags: Media and communication, Film studies, Film history, Norwegian film, Film theory, Media aesthetics
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