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Master's thesis

These pages contain all the information you need to write and submit your master's thesis at the Department of Media and Communication.


Submission deadlines

  • Autumn, IMK deadline: 10 November, HF's deadline: 1 December
  • Spring: IMK deadline 10 May, HF's deadline 1 June

The thesis can be handed in at any time, but you are only guaranteed examination in the same semester (within 30th of August for spring semester and within 31st of January) if you hand in your thesis within the deadline.

P.S. If the deadline is on an official holiday, Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is extended to the next working day. Deadline for submission in autumn term 2018 is therefore 03.12.2018.



Final examination

After submission, IMK will make arrangements for your examination committee, and you will be notified of your oral examination date.


Master´s studies at the Faculty of Humanities

  • Delayed studies
  • Part-time studies
  • Leave of absence