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Practical information regarding submitting your master's thesis at the Deparment of Media and Communication.

Submission deadline

The deadlines set by the Faculty of Humanities are

  • 1st of December for autumn semester
  • 1st June for spring semester (15. June spring 2021)

It will not be possible for us to arrange oral examination for all students within the same semester as submission.

If it is very important for you to get the oral presentation and oral examination done by the end of the semester, you must submit earlier:

  • 10 November (autumn semester. We will most likely be able  to arrange an examination before the Christmas holiday)
  • 10 May (spring semester. We will most likely be able to arrange an examination before the summer holiday)

To-do-list when submitting your thesis:

  • submit your thesis as a pdf in StudentWeb. This is done in order to upload the thesis into DUO - the university's archive of master theses. 
  • submit the thesis as a pdf in Inspera

The department does NOT consider your thesis as submitted within the deadline if the two tasks above are not performed.

You must also:

This is a web form. You must fill it in in order to receive a diploma. Please submit the form no more than two days after the submission of the thesis. 

 Applying for an EXTRA SEMESTER:

  • You may apply for an extra semester - no more than twice.
  • The deadlines for applying for an extra semester are 1 June (spring semester) (15. June spring 2021) and 1 December autumn semester). This means: If you are unable to submit your thesis within 1 June/1 December, you will have to apply for an extra semester. The extra semester will not be granted automatically. You should have a feasible plan for the semester approved by your supervisor.
  • More information on how to apply for an extra semester at the Faculty of Humanities.
  • PLEASE NOTE! There are some special rules and regulations in regards to VISA or funding issues etc. for international and quota students who do not submit within the deadline. International students who are delayed in their master's programme - please consult the International Student Reception.
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