Final Examination

After submission, the Department of Media and Communication will set up a committee and invite you to hold a presentation and sit for the final exam.

The student will receive information about the time and place for the oral examination by email. The same information is also sent to the student's supervisor. The examination of the master thesis and the final exam is done by two examiners appointed by the department, with at least one external examiner.

Master thesis presentation

  • Before the examination of the master's thesis can take place, the student must give a presentation of the thesis.

  • The presentation is open for all, and is held before the oral exam. The presentation has to be approved by the committee evaluating the thesis before the oral exam starts.

  • The student herself decides whether or not she wants to know the result before the oral exam.

Format of the presentation:

  • Presentation of the master's thesis (such as central findings, presentation of selected cases, the methods in use etc.)

  • Time schedule: up to 30 minutes.

  • The audience may ask questions regarding the thesis.

  • If the trial lecture is approved, an oral exam will follow.

Master thesis and oral examination

  • Master thesis course is evaluated with a combined grade which consists of two grades for assessments: one for the submitted master thesis and one for the oral examination.

  • Examiners might give your oral examination a grade which is different from the grade given to your master thesis, and this might alter the final grade.

  • The examination typically lasts for about 45 minutes.

  • You may ask the examiners about the grade given to your thesis before the oral examination starts. Otherwise, you can wait until the end of the examination when you will be given the final grade.


  • The candidate receives an oral explanation of the grade during the oral examination.
  • The candidate will also receive a written explanation of the grade (sent to the student's e-mail) approximately a week after the examination.


  • You will receive your diploma approximately 1-2 months after your final examination.
  • After the diploma is ready at the UiO, but not yet posted, you will be able to download it from the StudentWeb or make use of the Norwegian Diploma Registry to prove your grade for potential employers or similar. 
  • All diplomas are issued by the Faculty of Humanities.
  • The diploma is sent by registered mail to the address you have registered in StudentWeb. Please remember to update the address if you have moved!
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